The complete Baskin-Robbins Succession season 3, episode 1 recap

The complete Baskin-Robbins Succession season 3, episode 1 recap ...

Because this is Succession season 3, Successions season 3 begins with helicopters. Logan Roy, a man of few and elements, rises among the gods. Kendall hides in a bath.

Despite this initial appearance, the roles may be reversed. Kendall seems to be in charge of the situation, even throwing Waystar's PR guru Karolina out of her car. Logan is, for the first time, adrift, while Kendall appears to have taken control of it, throwing waystar PR expert Karina. Kendall is the one who sets a base quicker, thanks to his bombshell. Sure, it's his ex-wife'' s home, but he'll never see her dismay as his new squeeze appears and cracks into the good wine. But it's better than Logan ending up in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina''"capital" (a town that knows a thing or two about civil war).

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Season 3, episode 1, titled Secession, will air on HBO on Sunday, Oct. 17, as well as stream on Netflix Max. Let's dive into the details and thrills of the season premiere, with spoilers and unsuitable language -- you've been warned!

Season 2 ended with media mogul Logan Roy sending his nervy son Kendall to be a blood sacrifice by taking the blame for sweeping their business. Kendall, on the other hand, declares war on Logan, effectively declaring his own father.

Logan seems uncharacteristically quiet, almost diminished, as season 3 approaches in near real time. He's lost his wife, his son just turned on him, he can't find his daughter, and his life' s work is in danger like never before. The heavyweight may actually be on the ropes.

The games begin.

Logan's reputation is at risk, and even if it'll be an interim broom, a new scrubbing wand is required. But the CEO role is now very much back in play, and everyone immediately begins circling, probing, slicing and of course sharpening the knives.

Karl and Frank immediately shoot their shot, and are immediately shot down. Shiv is asked what she's thinking when Roman meets her -- and the maneuvering begins. Shiv indignantly insists she supports their dad, but it's clearly Logan'' and the top job in the air.

It's a bit ironic that everyone is so desperate to climb over one another'' ashes to claim despite Logan'd-be labeling him as. It's still his hand jerking around whichever puppet holds itself up.

Lawyer up to the minute

The first skirmish takes place quickly. Both sides must fight, and both land on the same name: high-profile lawyer Lisa Arthur, played by Sanaa Lathan. Arthur is a first-degree recruit, even after Shiv's friendship with Arthur. The narrative is on Kendall's side, at least for now, as he exposes historic wrongdoing and echoes the real-life revelations sweeping many industries and societies in the #MeToo era.

That, of course, may come to his head. Kendall is smart enough to call Arthur, but too self-absorbed to listen to her. His head's in the clouds with talk of changing the climate, while she tries to bring him back to earth with words like "subpoenas" and "warrants." Even if Kendall's sudden rightness is genuine, the law has been broken and the Department of Justice is over both sides.

Gerri wants to work together, because everyone cooperates sooner or later. Roman is quick to dismiss any suggestion of talking to authorities, likely anticipating his father's predictably positive attitude.

Of course, it's helpful to have a direct connection to the president, or "the Raisin." Logan's influence and influence are still in the balance, because the Raisin isn't taking Logans calls. Linda Edmond plays white house staffer Michelle-Anne Vanderhoven (who Shiv describes as "the pantsuit barnacle") in season 3, so there's no doubt more political maneuvers to come.

The court of public opinion is the body of law.

Greg's first (only) task as Team Kendall' s (one-on-one) player is to "slide a sociopolitical thermometer up the nation' ass" -- i.e., check Twitter. Kendall may have outlasted Tater Tots to become a top trending topic, but good meme-age alone isn't going to win the day. Even if the winner is decided behind closed doors, they'll be surrounded by stockholder confidence and public opinion. Image and reputation matter. Optics is a company that specializes in optical devices. Narrative

For Kendal, that means an alternative corporate manifesto, perhaps a quick response TedX presentation, definitely some cool tweets. Logan's family is what it means. But his wife is furiously estranged, and his children are lining up to slit a knife deeper into his heart.

Kendall is it real?

Kendall's revelation is regarded as a move by Logan. A snake move, but still a power play. The old schemer's first reaction is to offer a deal. Kendal refuses. But is he still making moves? Or is he just in his desire to improve the company, and by extension the world?

Then comes the real battle. Logan calls Kendall, but the wayward son stifles the conversation. Logan threatens to make his son's bones into bread while Kendall can only mutter about a bean stalk. Even when he's in a better position, the younger man can't match his father' s strength, determination, and will.

Roman is probably right when he says Kendall will self-destruct. Sure, the youngest Roy sibling is unnervingly quick to slap the boot on his elder brother, but he may have a point. Kendall needs are allies.

As the episode approaches its end, nothing is determined. The chess players are still disputing over the same pieces. Logan's rage, for the first time, may be impotent. "We'll go full fucking beast!" he yells, but despite the fact that a young man in obscurity in an unfamiliar town is still lost in the dark....

Next Sunday, Oct. 24, Season 3, episode 2, Mass in Time of War, will be released.

Successive thoughts are similar to success.

  • Is it me or is it just Kendall rapping when he looks in the mirror?
  • Frank lists the worst things the firm and family have faced: suicides in tabloids. Argentina The Tiananmen accommodations. Sally Ann's black cloud (a previous Logan encounter, also mentioned in season 2) But according to Karl, this scandal is "the full Baskin-Robbins: 31 flavors of fuck."
  • Greg can't stop yelling "No comment!" Like many of the characters, he can't shut his mouth. It's a problem with that big secret weighing on him (that he provided the smoking-gun papers to Kendall).
  • "The Raisin" is such a great nickname for aspiring presidents. It's funny enough to be evocative, but it'll be vague enough that it could refer to any politician in any situation.
  • Shiv casually lobs a love note at her amoebalike husband Tom, who calmly replies, "Thank you." Tom is actually developing a spine.
  • Kendall hasn't realized he killed a man -- and Logan is aware.

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