Nicki Minaj Has Filled For A Motion To Dismiss The Harassment Charge Against Her

Nicki Minaj Has Filled For A Motion To Dismiss The Harassment Charge Against Her ...

According to Complex, Nicki Minajs attorney has filed a motion to dismiss the harassment complaint against her and her husband Kenneth Petty for failing to respond to the complaint brought against them. The motion filed by attorney Tyrone Blackburn on behalf of Jennifer Hough asking for a $20 million default judgment in Hughs witness intimidation lawsuit against the couple was denied last week. Hough sued the couple in August, saying they have been hounding her to retract her alleged 1994 rape by Petty, for which he served a decade in prison.

Nicki Minaj and Kenneth Petty were married in 2019, according to Hough, and the couple and their representatives have intimidated, bribed, or compelled her to change her testimony in the hopes of getting Payne removed from the sex offenders registry since. Because he did not update his address and file as a sex offender when the couple moved to California in 2019, if convicted, el is liable for ten years in prison and supervised release for life. Last week, The Daily Beast reported that Blackburn filed the request for a default judgment after the deadline to respond to the lawsuit passed.

Minaj and Pettys lawyer, Judd Burstein, has filed a motion to dismiss the new complaint, saying the delay in responding to it was not deliberate. Instead, the defendants assert, it was the result of an innocent mistake after a Zoom conversation on September 22 concluded with the impression that Burstein had been retained. Nicki claims she discovered on October 15 that her manager had not understood that she approved the lawyer, prompting her to contact him and guarantee his services.

My failure to respond to the complaint was the result of an innocent mistake, and I ask the court to forgive the delay so that I may defend what I believe to be an entirely frivolous case brought by plaintiffs counsel against me in an attempt to use my name to gain publicity for himself, the new documents read. Nicki was never served the initial complaint, according to the documents, and the person who the process server handed the papers to was not at the residence.

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