Nic Cage, the Food Consultant Who Worked With Nic on Pig, Had A Conversation With The Food consultant who worked with Nic

Nic Cage, the Food Consultant Who Worked With Nic on Pig, Had A Conversation With The Food consultan ...

Nic Cage appears to have four to five roles in offbeat indie movies per year, of which most of you havent heard of. When one manages to break through the noise, its a relief. Pig, which will be released in 2021, stars Cage as a famous chef-turned-hermit who lives in the wilds of the Pacific Northwest foraging for mushrooms with his pet pig. You may be able to tell the rest of the story when his pig is pignapped one day.

Pig mostly eschews kitsch and that sort of easy predictability in favor of something far more exotic. And, in the end, much more satisfying, even if its logic doesn't always follow. Pig is impressionistic, whereas most Nic Cage vehicles are loud and broad. Some of the most enjoyable moments in the film are watching him lovingly prepare a rustic mushroom tart or butter baste squabs.

Movies almost always require a professional to impart this kind of knowledge to the actor (and, often, the director). Gabriel Rucker was the professional in charge of Nic Cage and that squab (which is a fancy word for domesticated pigeon). Rucker is the chef-proprietor of the aptly-named Le Pigeon in Portland, Oregon, working in the same genre as Cages character in Pig, and thus a logical choice as receptive consultant. His path to becoming a Hollywood food consultant began via unsolicited email.

Did he want to teach Nic Cage to cook? Duh seemed like the operative word.

No brainer, lets have a good time, dont we? Rucker describes his reaction to the initial feeler as "a bit of a shock." I just said yes because it seemed like a fun experience. Nicholas Cage is a savant. Hes his own cultural icon.

While Rucker wasnt the man who taught Cage how to make the mushroom tart (that was a different food consultant, Chris Czarnecki of the Joel Palmer House), Ruker tackled his task with vigor. He not only taught Cage all the moves, how to break down a pigeon, and how potatoes on sandoline, but he also improvised like if ethereal. Nic Cage now takes credit for one of the most memorable moments of film and the opening image of trailer: Nic eating a mushroom.

We talked about tearing a chanterelle and smelling it, even though it doesnt smell like much, Rucker says of his conversation with Nic Cage. Tearing it open and smelling and sort of having a pause where you have this connection moment of, I pulled this off the forest floor, like. I was completely bowed. I was trying to show him some things he could do on camera, but if a character did it, i would have said, He definitely did that in the movie.

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