John Roberts Is Being Cooked For Questioning Vaccines In The Wake Of Colin Powell's Death Without Mentioning That he Was 84 With Cancer. Fox News John Edwards is Being Caught For Asking Questions About Medications In An Inquiry Into Colin'S Death After Colin was pronounced dead at 82

John Roberts Is Being Cooked For Questioning Vaccines In The Wake Of Colin Powell's Death Without Me ...

The passing of Colin Powell, the former chairman of the joint chiefs of staff and secretary of state to George W. Bush, has been the topic of much debate today. While other outlets examine the political heavyweights legacy and send well wishes to his family, Fox News is employing a different tactic.

Evidently, Powells death is as good an excuse as any for fear-mongering social media tactics and the dissemination of misinformation to a conservative base. Will Cain, a Fox News host who covered Powells death, raised truly erroneous suspicions about the COVID-19 vaccine earlier today. Powell had been vaccinated against COVID, but he still suffered COVID complications that resulted in his death. Now, another Fox News face is being tarred for suggesting something similar.

John Roberts took to Twitter Monday to do his own hypotheses about the effectiveness of the COVID-19 vaccine. (Hes since deleted his tweet, but everything remains forever on the internet, so here a screenshot of what he wrote.)

First, heres a brief history on Powell passing and how it affected COVID-19 vaccines. Though he got his shots, Powell was 84 at the time of his death. He had been fighting multiple myeloma, a blood cancer that weakens the bodys ability to fight infections. All of this is important information to share with your followers if youre examining the efficacy of vaccines by utilizing this mans tragic death. Thats just good journalism 101. But, this is Fox News, so heres how Roberts explained his intentional gaffe.

Twitter, of course, wasn't interested in that.

Heres to wishing that Roberts has a conscience sometime this year.

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