Oct. 18, 2021, pets in need in New Jersey: Oct 18, 20, 2022, animals in urgent need:

Oct. 18, 2021, pets in need in New Jersey: Oct 18, 20, 2022, animals in urgent need: ...

Pethub.com has compiled a list of fall pet safety tips.

  • Beware of anti-freeze! Ingestion of antifreeze is fatal. Sadly, cats and dogs have been known to lick this delicious substance during the winter months when people winterize their cars. Also, make sure to check your car for leaks and make certain all bottles are stored far away from your pets.
  • Keep an eye out for ticks. Its still tick season, and playing in the autumn leaves is just one of the many ways pets may get them.
  • The changing of seasons is a great time to check your pet's ID tags and microchips. Take 5 minutes to make sure all of your pets information is current and in good order.
  • Make holiday arrangements with your dog walker, pet sitter, or doggy day care now. As the holidays approach, many of us will be more agitated and may be forced to travel. Take some time to think about how to make the holidays easier for your pets.
  • Make sure your pets dont attempt to enter your home through the main entrance. This is particularly important if you anticipate having several guests in and out of the house this holiday season. It may be worth investing in a baby gate or creating sand between the door and your pet, especially if you have pet thats notorious for bolting.
  • Be careful with treats for the holidays. Pets may also be life threatening due to cooked bones, raw bread dough, and many fruits and vegetables, among other known risks.
  • Be careful with decorations. Many shiny new decorations look like real fun toys to your furry friends. Because many of them contain toxic metals and can cause choking hazards, make sure decorations are out of reach.

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