Adele Will She Go To The UK In 2022?

Adele Will She Go To The UK In 2022? ...

With the release of her long-awaited single Easy On Me on Friday (October 15), Adeles return to the music industry has officially begun. The song has already sold 70,000 copies, broke Spotifys single-day streaming record, and is on its way to reaching Number 1 in the UK charts.

While the actual release of her album is only a month away, the anticipation is evident among fans and music lovers. Many are already wondering whether Adele will begin to promote the record on the road this year and next. The record is due to be released on Nov. 19. However, if you were hoping to see the singer live in the near future, her touring schedule is a little uncertain because of the ongoing epidemic.

The singer told Zoe Ball on her BBC Radio 2 Breakfast Show that she doesn't have any solid touring plans because of Covid, and it's so difficult to perform a global tour in person. Adele stated that she doesnt want to be doing anything again due to a vocal cord injury, and that her last two Wembley appearances in 2017 were canceled.

However, she and her team have "a couple options in the pipeline", but its taking them some time to figure out which are "most doable" due to the different regulations in place across the country, as well as the rates of infection and vaccination.

Adele told Fleur East on Hits Radio that it makes her nervous when trying to plan a world tour when no one is on the same page. As long as I can do something, Im good.

Youll need to keep your eyes open on the tube, though, because Adele joked about the dangers of busking on top of the Tube for Londons rush hour crowd. Adele was in hysteria when Ball said, She made 5.20 in an entire afternoon.

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