This electric tea kettle from $30 will help you boil and bubble

This electric tea kettle from $30 will help you boil and bubble ...

True tea snobs are aware that certain teas steep better at different temperatures. Green tea, for instance, should be steeped in water at about 175 degrees F, significantly below boiling, while some even more delicate teas prefer water that's cooler than that. Those hot days aren't difficult to control in a stovetop teapot, but this Bella Pro Series electric kettle will hit them right on the head with merely pressed button. This tea-drinker's kettle is normally $60, but you can get it for 50% off at Best Buy right now, down to $30 for today only.

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The Bella kettle holds 1.7 liters of water and comes to a roaring boil in just ten minutes. It has temperature presets for green, black, herbal, and delicate teas, as well as a built-in steeper basket for brewing fresh pots of loose-leaf tea.

This is a no-brainer gift for the tea drinker on your list. Pair it with one of these five great tea subscriptions and you'll be in awe in no time. Check out this list of the top electric kettles we tested in 2021 for more tea kettle options.

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