With $50.4M, Even With Peacock Day & Date, 'Halloween Kills' Has The Best Horror / R-Rated Opening Records During the Pandemic

With $50.4M, Even With Peacock Day & Date, 'Halloween Kills' Has The Best Horror / R-Rated Opening R ...

Sunday AM Update: On a Saturday night, most horror films, especially those with poor reviews and dreadful audience exits, fall apart. Even with a day-and-date Peacock component, Universal/Blumhouse/Miramax Halloween Kills kept it together.

The David Gordon Green-directed sequel, the 12th in the franchise, held steady for a while. $50.35M or $50,35.45M. We're up a bit from what we saw yesterday morning on october 30, slightly more than what was seen yesterday, on an ionized day. $17.2M, or $17.1M in revenue. Saturday, -25% from Friday. Thats a better Friday-to-Saturday hold, percent-wise, than previous Blumhouse October horror flicks Paranormal Activity 3 and Paranatural Activity 2, both -35%. Halloween Kills Saturday beats Paranormal Activity 2s Saturday of $13 million.

Halloween Kills is the best 3-day US/Canada opening weve seen for a horror film during the epidemic, beating Paramounts A Quiet Place Part II ($47.5 million) and it s the most R-rated film of the pandemic, defeating Warner Bros/HBO Max The Suicide Squad ($26.2 million).

The majority of respondents at 38% after exiting PostTrak said the primary reason why they went to the sequel was because it was part of a franchise they liked.

Halloween Kills ties Jackass 3D as the domestic box offices ninth best opening for October, and the third-best for a horror film during the month, after Halloween two years ago ($76.2M) and 2011 Paranormal Activity 3 ($52.5M). The picture is also the Blumhouse's eighth release to go for less than $40 million.

Halloween Kills debut this weekend, according to Universal Domestic Distribution Chief Jim Orr, is a further indication that audiences are eager to be in theaters to fully experience the energy created by what quickly becomes essentially coma, especially for this genre and this franchise. Our amazing director, David Gordon Green, and our lead, Jamie Lee Curtis, created an incredibly terrifying continuation of this franchise that our audience enthusiastically embraced this weekend.

Before the streamer-heads take a victory lap, and no doubt Comcast NBCUniversal brass will do so for the sequel when earnings hit on the 28th of this month, this is clearly and clearly opulently soaring for box office and movie theaters.

A majority of the streamers outside of Netflix are quiet about their viewership, and aim to get headlines with anecdotal exclamations. If theres a certain outcome for Peacock for Halloween Kills in terms of the hard number of paid subscribers gained or the millions that watched, then the media conglomerate should be thrilled. Anything less and anecdotal, Oh, it was the best weve seen is unacceptable. It takes a lot of nerve, muscle, and tact to make sane theatrical films available in oblivion, which is struggling, but these films every weekend are looked at under glare.

While its been claimed that Boss Baby 2 worked, there hasnt been any data from the conglom to support that. Meanwhile, a majority of whats on streaming goes unnoticed. Not really fair, but if Im a content creator or ninja guild member associated with 'The Movie', I deserve to know what the rewards are from the blood, sweat, and tears that have been put into achieving this.

Halloween Kills going to Peacock was not a concern for the epidemic and cautious audiences. Moviegoers, especially those aged 18-34, have already shown that theyre willing to go to the cinema. Peacock was all about sending the sequel to Pearcock. All we know is that 52M subscribers are activated on Peacock, which means that any Comcast cable household has access to the ad-fueled, subscription-free tier of the service.

According to data from earlier this year, the most recent active monthly Peacock users were 14 million, and according to MoffetNathanson in our previous update, paid subs (who at $4.99 would get access to Halloween Kills) are significantly smaller than the number of paid users on the service (which at $3.99 might get entry to the game) at this time. Best advice for Peacock: Get Battlestar Galactica off the ground ASAP to recruit young subs and earn repeat business rather than burning down the theatrical slate.

This is the third consecutive weekend during the epidemic when all films have grossed over $100 million. Wall Street should be observant in this respect, as Halloween Kills has already won the box office over any anecdotal, non-numerical claims on the Peacock side. This weekend looks to surpass $112 million, a +3% increase over the same time last weekend, when No Time to Die led the box office.

LA ($3.7M), NYC ($2.3M ), Chicago ($1.6M), Dallas ($1.3M, Houston ($1.1M). Houston (1.1m), Philly ($1.2M! ], San Francisco ($812K), Atlanta ($768K valuation), Phoenix ($755K) and Detroit ($743K).

The campaign for Halloween Kills started with the official first full trailer launch on June 24 and garnered 60M views, more than 1,000 editorial posts, and trending topics on Twitter, Facebook, & YouTube, according to Universal. Curtis won the Golden Lion Award at the Venice Film Festival, where the film premiered. The actress also hosted the launch of Universal Pictures' TikTok account, which will be stocked with Halloween Kills content throughout the month. Her first post garnered more than 350K views in just three days.

There was also an innovative new audio feature on Twitter to tease the final trailer, as well as a Face the Shape contest on Instagram and TikTok that allowed fans to win solitary trip to L.A. and be killed by Michael Myers. Additional social and digital activities include a Knifed GIPHY program, spooky viewing of 2018s Halloween on Facebook/Instagram Messenger MovieMate, where users can view the film and receive interactive messages throughout, such as BTS stills, trivia, and GIFS as they watch, as well as partnering with Snap for redesigned Michael Myers Snap World lens. The lens was featured on NBCs Football Night In America.

Who can blame 007? No Time to Die is currently on the market for $2 billion via UAR and Universal. The worldwide haul for No Age to die is estimated at $3 billion. $447.5M in revenue of $447.7M. Through three weekends. Thats higher than Disney/Marvel s worldwide take for Black Widow of $379.3 million, which is also higher then Shang-Chi of those studios, with a WW of $414.3 million; and Bond is on the verge of taking control of Warner Bros./Legendaryd Godzilla vs Kong at $467.8 million. Bond 25's second weekend stateside, according to Imax, generated $3 million. There were strong weekend hold ups in much of Europe, particularly Germany (18%), Austria (-13%)., Sweden (+2%), Finland (-20%) and the Netherlands (-7%), taking the Imax totals to $19.3 million abroad and a global total of $31.6 million. Of that $12.3 million, most of it comes from the pics domestic take. I also understand that Canada had a better hold on No Time to Die than the United States; Universal is making the film in the Great White North.

Chart of the Top 10

(EN) 1.) Halloween Kills: (3Days) 3705 theaters, Fri $22.8M/Sat $17.2M/20.3M/1 Day $10.3M/3 Day $50.4M or $50.2M in revenue (USD550.4 million or $540.4million). /Wk 1 - 3/WK 1

() No Time to Die! Fri $7.2M (-69%)/Sat $10.3M/Mon $6.7M/3-day theaters, Sun $6.6M (3-Day Cinema) 4407 theater, Fri $7.2M (1-66%)/20.3M Sat $10.2M ($0.3m)/Thurs $10.6M $24.3M in revenue (24.37M). Total (-56%), $99.5M in revenue. $99.9M. /Wk 2 - Wk 3

3.) Let There Be Carnage! Fri $4.56M (-50%)/Sat $7.3M/Soun $4.99M/3-day event (Sony) 4.013 (-212) theaters, Fri (4.55M (30%) or Sat $6.3M (4%) $16.5 million in revenue. Total: $168M in revenue (168M). /Wk 3 -

4.) Addams Family 2 is a family of Addamas and family 2. Fri $1.89M (-32%)/Sat $3.2M/ Sun $2.1M / 3-day, 3,607 (-6600) theaters, Fri $.88M (3-33%)/3-day $1.00M (1-31%), Sat $3.1M ($3.2 million/-Sun $2.2 million $7.2M in revenue for $7.5M. Total (-29%), Total Total $42.2M in revenue is $42.5M. /Wk 3 - WM 3

5.) The Last Duel 3,065 theaters, Fri $1.86M/Sat $1.99M/1.78M/2-day $1.0018M/3-hour $1,066 theater options, Sat $11.086 M/So $11.278 M/8-night $11.18 million/3 days $4.8M in revenue. $4.9M /Wk 1 - Wk 2 :

6.) Shang-Chi is a Shangli-chian dialect spoken in China. (Dis) 2,300 (-500) theaters/Fri $921K/Sat $1.55M/Sound $1.00M/3-day/Friday $920K/3.56M/4-hour/Mon $1.99M/1.06M $3.54M USD, or $3,542M in revenue. Total $218M/Wk 7

7.) Honsla Rakh (HonsLa Rhakh) (Hondslla) 100 theaters, Fri $195K/Sat $305K/206K / 3-day (3 days) (Ind) 100 theatres (Fri $197K/1 Sat $315K/2 Sat $105 K/ Sun $206 K ) $706K in debt of $706.1K. /Wk 1 - Week 1

8.) Free Guy is a free guy who works for the Free Press. Fri $187K/Sat $301K/2-day Sun $192K/3-night Sun $90K/1-Day Fri $287k/M Sat $303K/5-hour Sun $392k/3 day Sun $141k/1-7 day Fri $1487/Cast 3012 Hour Sat $186K/20th/Dis) 915 (-580) theaters Fri $151$/Mon $302K/6-week Sun $122k/2-6 day Sat $311%/Thurs $191K $680K = $679K Total (-45%)/Total (-50%)/ Total $120.8M in revenue (120.8M dollars). /Wk 10

9.) Lamb Lamb is a Lamb of Lamb. Lamb lamb is Lamb's Lamb Fri $172K/Sat $212K/212k/Soon $159K/3-day performances in (A24) 865 (+282) theaters Fri 172k/1Sun $211k/2Son $59k/3days $179K/4-Days $543K in 2015, or $553K for the total. Total (-46%)/Total (-40%) $2.03M or $2,031 million. /Wk 2 - wk 1

10.) Bachelors with the Most Eligible Degrees 195 theaters, Fri $230K/Sat $143K/1-day $97K/3-date $95K. $470K in borrowings from $470,000 to $4700K for the year. /Wk 1 - 'WK 1' :?Wp 1

Saturday AM Update: The Halloween Kills overperformance of Universal/Blumhouse/Miramax is a bit of hilarity: while the film is well ahead of its mid $30Ms-$40M projection, it is the most expensive opening for opulent, non-transactional title of the year. $50.16M in value. Godzilla vs. Kong, a Warner Bros/Legendary/HBO Max production, cost $31.6 million. Overall, the 10th best debut in October. This isnt included in Disney+ Premier, whereby subscribers must pay an additional $29.99 to watch a title. All of this is a good sign for Warner Bros. and Legendarys domestic release of Legendario. Dunedin is a town in the north of Scotland, where Dunne is located. Next weekend, also on HBO Max, as a strong opening may elevate that films image heading into Oscar season.

Halloween Kills big opening here is a testament to Universals marketing machine to launch the title. The video was blasted through the media congloms Symphony program, which means itll be rolled out throughout all Comcast NBCUniversal ancillaries. This created a situation where tracking was extremely hot well before the move was made to go date and date with the sequel on Peacock. While the first film had a worldwide P&A of $75.5 million, I understand that this one is substantially less than that, though it's under $100 million.

While the theatrical window faithful will argue that more money could have been made without the streaming component, understand that Peacock may not be making a dent here at the box office, as Comcast NBCUniversal is in limbo trying to establish their OTT platform. Peacock is a mostly free OTT service (quite different from HBO Max). MoffetNathanson in a July report estimated that Peacock has just 3 million paid U.S. subscribers (as of March 31, 2021), with approximately one-third of them coming from Apple and Roku. According to Peacock, these services account for about 20% of the companys income in sharing agreements. Peacock has the fewest paid subscribers among the streaming services, with Netflix (66.2 million), Hulu (41.6 million) Disney+ (38 million). Eeek! Halloween Kills should help pay Peacock subscribers with the Super Bowl and Beijing Olympics on the way, according to Comcast NBCUniversal. It was a decision that was made well ahead of Universal's successful $20 million debut of Candyman in late August, though it was announced in early September following the success of Shang-Chi. The studio claims that their experiment with DreamWorks Animations Baby Boss: Family Business in theatrical and on Peacock was a success, however, that sequel stateside only grossed $57.2M, and weve heard from sources that the Summer Olympics didnt provide the adrenaline Peakcock needed.

After all the talk between Universal and AMC about maintaining a theatrical window, and the exhibitor getting 5% of PVOD profits, how did the studio get exposition on board with spooky films like Halloween Kills? It turned out that the exhibition had faith in the sequels progress, and Universal provided very good terms to movie theaters because of the Peacock pivot. One small exhibitor tells Deadline that theyre taking home a 45% rental on Halloween Kills, which they consider to be incredibly fair.

This is the third consecutive weekend at the box office where all films grossed over $100 million, this frame totaling an estimated $11 million. $110M in revenue (USD 110M). . The box office is coming back. The top three movies Halloween Kills, No Time to Die, and Venom: Let There Be Carnage are each racking up $15 million, a scenario weve not seen since January 2020. After those wacky projections you proclaimed on No Time to Die, Wall Street should deal with it. MGM/UARs are among the largest automobile manufacturers in the world. No Time to Die We'll be having a second weekend of shows in the area. $24.4M. $24,4M.00. , -56%, not too far from the -55 percent we predicted, giving the007 title a running total through ten days thats just under 55%. $100M in USD in 100M USD for $100 million in revenue. .

Halloween Kills box office next weekend from Peacock will be somewhat tumultuous: Horror films typically hold for -59% (on average horror movies fall 60% in weekend 2), but that was off a B+ CinemaScore. Halloween kills earned snazzy B-grade. PostTrak is alsont as hot for the sequel, with 69% of reviews and 52% of definite recommend exits. While Halloween Kills drew some positive reviews from the Venice Film Festival, its critical response plummeted to 39% Rotten, compared to the 2018 reboot's 79% certified fresh.

The whole Peacock paid subscriber strategy may actually work on Halloween Kills: Unlike a Marvel Disney+ film that could get people in the theater the first time around, and their repeat business on the site, with bad grades like this on Pumpkin Kill, there may not be that halo effect on Peakcock. If the audience finding the sequel in the movie theater were turned off by it, why would they be influenced to buy it a second time at home? A real mystery.

Over 4 million people have purchased tickets to see Michael Myers carnage on Halloween Kills to date, up from the $33 million opening day of 2018s Halloween and the $26.3 million debut day for Blumhouse/Paramount's Paranormal Activity 3 in 2012, but ahead of the $18.3 Million first day in 2003 s Scary Movie 3, according to the box office analytics firm EntTelligence in a statement. Of those who came to see the sequel on Thursday night, 375k people compared to A Quiet Place Part II, which drew 365k on its Thursday evening. Halloween Kills drew over 36% of its audience after 9PM on Friday, versus Candyman, which attracted 27% of the crowd in the late hours. Halloween Kills attracted Men 25+ (31%), Females 25 + (25%), Men under 25 (23%), and females under-25 (22%) with 62% between 18-34 in Comscore/Screen Engine PostTrak exits. With 38% Caucasian, 33% Hispanic, 16% African American, and 7% Asian, this is a diverse crowd. The Halloween Kills were evenly distributed throughout the United States, with the East, South Central, and West popping up.

On the lower end of the spectrum, 20th Century Studios/Disneys Ridley Scott movie was the lowest score. The Last Duel With a $1.86M Friday and fewer than $1 million in debt, the stock isnt doing well. 5M Dollars ($5M dollars) is expected to be raised by $5M in revenue. Opening of the new office. With an audience that skews 28% over 25, one could argue that the older demos arent yet available in full, however, this is a very difficult movie in its rape subject to stomach (this despite securing oscars, but achieving 73 percent PostTrak) and it isn't necessarily the type of film to bring older audiences back. You also have No Time to Die in the marketplace, which is doing well, and is taking all the older audiences away with a 32% draw over 45. All of this being said, good on Disney for not abandoning Last Duel, despite the fact that the administrators who approved Scotts latest are well gone. That hardly compares to the $15.5 million paid by the studio to release their 20th acquisition Ad Astra in the fall of 2019, those spots being valued at $16.5 million. Last Duel will also be shown at the Venice Film Festival. Disney has spent $10 million on their TV spots for Halloween Kills, according to iSpot. Last Duel had more impressions than Halloween Kills, with 857M to 633M. The Scott movie performed poorly throughout the country, but it was even better in the West and Mountain areas with six of the top ten locations in California. 55% male skewing film, with 48% between 18-34.

Sarigama Cinemas Savigamo Cinema is ranked in the top 10. Bachelor The Most Eligible Bachelor Akhil and Pooja, a film by filmmaker Bommarillu Baskar, is based on the life of married couple Pouja and Bomal. On Friday, the Telugu language film is expected to raise $230K and $712K for the weekend. 195 runs in 86 markets, with money earned in Dallas, San Francisco, and NYC. Then there's the Punjabi language title. Honsla Rakh (Honslla) Rkh (Munich), Honourslan Rak (Hunslash Rhak), and Hon. With steady ticket sales in Canada and some in New York, San Francisco, and Sacramento, tickets were sold at 100 theaters in 37 markets, with strong sales among them in NYC, New Jersey, Seattle, Chicago, Los Angeles, Washington and San Jose. The Amarjit Singh Saron directed film was worth $194K yesterday and $582K for the weekend. Both titles are currently occupying respectively the 9th and 10th spots on the weekend chart. Honsla Rakh follows a young Punjabi man, whos solitary father with teen boy. He tries to find love again, find a mother for his son, but meets his ex, who comes back into the city after surviving squalid years. Pic is set in Vancouver, Canada.

Top 5 photos:

1.) Halloween Kills - Halloween Deaths! 3,705 theaters, Fri. $22.8M, or $22.7M in revenue. 3-day program:, 3-Day Program: $50.1M or $50.2M in revenue. /Wk 1 - 1/WK 1

(d) No Time to Die 4407 theaters, Fri (UAR) 4408 theater, $7.2M in revenue. 3-day (-69%), 3-hour (-69%), 3-Day (-79%). $24.4M (24,4M) is expected to be spent on $24,4 million in debt. Total (-56%), Total $99.7 million in funding for $99.5 million. /Wk 2: -WK 1:

3.) Let There Be Carnage: 4.013 (-212) theaters, Fri, 4.113 (82) tickets. $4.58M ($4.58 million) 3-day (-50%), 3-Day (50%) $16 million in spending. Total: $167.8M in revenue is $117.9M. /Wk 3 -WK 4 & Wk 4

4.) Addams Family 2 is a family of Addums children. Fri, Fri Fri 3,607 (-600) theaters (UAR) 3,600 (-1,600), Fri $1.89M or $1,894 million. 3-day (-32%), 3-Day (-32%), 3-hour (-22%). $6.7M in revenue. $6.6M Total (-33%), $41.8 million in revenue. /Wk 3

5.) The Last Duel 3,065 theaters, Fri. 20th/Disney $1.86M. 1,86 million /3-day holiday. $5M in revenues. /Wk 1 - _WK 1

Friday Midday Update: The theatrical day-and-date of the film is now known as the theatrical inauguration of The Lion King. Halloween Kills: The sequels box office success on streaming service Peacock doesnt look to be stifling. Estimates for the pic's value today at Noon, with $41 million in sales, including $4.85 million pre-releases, are optimistic. $47.5M in cash flow. $49.5M. 3-day period. Thats 38% off from the 2018 reboot's opening weekend (the 4th most for October at $76.2 million). Coincidentally, the difference in opening weekends between 2009s Halloween 2 and the 2007 Halloween re-imagination was also -38%. As of right now, Halloween Kills weekend is comparable to Paramounts A Quiet Place Part II, which also earned a $37.5 million boost over Memorial Day weekend. Halloween Kills, on the other hand, arent as slow as Halloween movies, as they are front-loaded. One film financier called me early this AM and told me he suspected this overperformance given the sequels rife enthusiasm on social media.

Halloween Kills has skewed under 25 on social media with awareness stats well above horror norms by 34 percent at 145.1M total across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube with 57.8M views and a strong viral rate of 33:1. Universal pulled 33,3 million fans on Facebook for the film, while Blumhouse social media counts 1.2 million.

With 6.6 million fans, Halloween Kills has super-social Jamie Lee Curtis igniting the flames, along with co-stars Kyle Richards at 5.8 million, Judy Greer at 1.1 million and Thomas Mann at106K, Andi Matichak at67K and Anthony Michael Hall at 50K.

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