Detroit Lions are lifeless on offense in a 34-11 loss to the Cincinnati Bengals: Live updates recap

Detroit Lions are lifeless on offense in a 34-11 loss to the Cincinnati Bengals: Live updates recap ...

Final -- Cincinnati Bengals 34, Detroit Lions 11 --


Fourth quarter: Fourth-quarter earnings for the quarter

2:14 -- The Cincinnati Bengals drive begins on Detroits 45.

Detroits onside kick attempt is unsuccessful. Two-minute warning. Kneeling time. With 1:58 left, the Lions used those timeouts down 23.

-- Detroit Lions drive begins on its own 25 -- 5:16 --

After Goff sprinkles the ball around the field, the Lions are driving. With 3:57 left in the game, Second-and-10 just outside of midfield. Goff completes two in a row to shift the chains. Swift catches another and takes it 14 yards inside the red zone. Swift, with an outstanding effort on the catch-and-run, nearly breaks through for the touchdown. Swift grabs it on the next snap. St. Brown makes the two-point conversion catch. Bengals 34, Lions 11; Bengales 33; Lionel 11

8:32 -- Cincinnati Bengals drive begins on Detroits 44.

Third-and-4 -- defensive pass interference. That's a day when he throws the flag down.

After some solid run defense from the Lions, Third-and-11 was achieved. Another defensive pass interference call leads to a Brandon Allen-Auden Tate touchdown. Bengals 34, Lions 3; Bengalians 34; Lion's 3.

Detroit Lions' drive starts on its own 25 -- 12:38 --

Goff with two quick passes, one for St. Brown (9 yards) and one to Hockenson (5 yards), moves the chains. Another first down, a short look for St. Brown, and some physical play at the markers. Lions are jumping to the line, and moving it for a change. Tom Kennedy ran for 15 yards and KhaDarel Hodge ran deep.

Goff in the gun with Swift to his right, timeout Bengals. Incomplete look for Swift. The Lions settle for a field goal, and its gratifying. Bengals 27, Lions 3, Bengalis 27, Bengali 3, Liones 3.


The Bengals take first-and-10 on Detroits 22-yard line.

-- Mixon makes a 22-yard run inside the 5-yard line to open the final frame. Austin Bryant sends them back, allowing Burrow to go for a sack and 12 yards. Chris Evans takes another catch 14 yards, making it third-and-goal at the 3-yard line -- Mixon with a good block, C.J. Uzomah takes the score. Bengals 27, Lions 0: Bengal 27

Third quarter Third Quarter Third period Third half Third year Third month Thirdquarter Third-quarter third quarter third- quarter final quarter quarter finale

Cincinnati Bengals drive starts at 2:30 -- Cincinnati's 5th drive begins at 1:25 -- The Bengal'' offense begins on its own 5; the Cincinnati Browns' drive finishes at 5:05.

The Joe Mixon show continues with a 4-yard run, giving the offense some breathing room after another great boot by Jack Fox. Chris Evans moves the chains on the catch-and-run, which is a nice game for the former Michigan standout. Burrow looks deep, and hes got Chase down there by himself, 53 yards on the completion.

3:32 -- The Detroit Lions' drive starts on its own 19th drive.

Hockenson has a new false start, this time on Hockeson. Goff looks downfield (!) and hits Hockenson for the first down off the 23-yard pass. Nice pass over the middle, but it was dropped over his head. Its already third-and-9 at midfield for Amon-Ra St. Brown, which is already incomplete. The crowd wanted a flag with the rookie receiver hitting the deck.

9:13 -- The Cincinnati Bengals' drive begins on its own 20 -- Cincinnati's drive ends on a personal 20.

The Bengals are pounding the rock with Joe Mixon, slowly chipping away at the field in front of them and the clock. It's third-and-1 -- first down for Mixon and the offense. With less than six minutes to go in the third quarter, First-and-10 near midfield was the order of the day.

Tyler Boyd is a 29-yard gain over Burrow, with Cincy slipping into the red zone. Nice PBU by Derrick Barnes in the red zone. Third-and-8 -- incomplete. McPherson from 40 yards is a good throw. Bengals 20, Lions 0; Bengal 20/20; Lion 00:

Detroit Lions drive kicks off on its own 31 in 10:35 -- 10 minutes: 35 --

Tom Kennedy returned with a 28-yard return. Its third-and-1 -- DAndre Swift makes the attempt but itll be short. Evan Brown gets a fourth-and-1 -- he's already having obscene results. Wow.

Cincinnati Bengals' drive starts at 15:00 -- The Bengal's 25th drive is on its own.

Joe Mixon opens business with a run of 14 yards. Rough start. Its third-and-3 after two more runs by the Bengals -- Burrow in the gun, avoids pressure, and runs for the first. Alim McNeill explodes through the middle to force the incompletion of another third-down attempt. Mixon has the carry, but looks to be a little short on third-and-short. It's fourth-and-short at Detroit' 41 -- Burrows rolls out, hits a wide-open Mixon who goes all the way for the touchdown. Will Harris was the final block on Will Chase. Bengals 17, Lions 0 Bengal s17 Lion.


Cincinnati Bengals 10, Detroit Lions 0 -- Cincinnati Browns 10.

Detroit Lions were once again shut out in the first half. Woof.

Second quarter of the second quarter has begun with a sluggish pace.

1:21 -- The Cincinnati Bengals' drive begins on its own 24. Cincinnati's drive ends on a whim.

Tyler Boyd caught a look for 7 yards from Burrow and the Bengals came out firing. The offense rushes to the tackle, showing a lot more urgency than the Lions in this area, with the quarterback throwing it away. Joe Mixon will be the first to move the chains after a third-and-3 with 53 seconds on the clock. The Bengals rush to the line, but have two timeouts, incomplete for Higgins.

Tracy Walker read Burrow perfectly and nearly had the interception, with only 28 seconds left. Chase down the sideline, 24 yards on the pass with Jacobs in coverage. Burrow rushes for 6 yards, but goes out of bounds with 11 seconds to go. After a bit of pressure from Julian Okwara, here's where the kicker is located. Evan McPherson, from 38 yards -- is a good play. Bengals 10, Lions 0: Bengal 10: Lion 00:

Detroit Lions drive starts on own 28 -- 1:47 --

Sam Hubbard bit Matt Nelson alive, taking Swift to the turf for a loss of 5 yards. Its another three-and-out. This is a real crime to watch.

Cincinnati Bengals' drive starts on its own 25th minute.

Joe Mixon scored a pair of runs to tie the game at third-and-3, and the Bengals running back nearly lost the ball on his second-down attempt. Jerry Jacobs put his helmet on the ball and knocked it out. Burrow, not sure what he saw on that one, threw a quick screen into dozens of Honolulu blue jerseys.

Detroit Lions' drive starts on its own 6 at 8:21 --

Kalif Raymond is thrown for 6 yards by Jared Goff, getting the offense out of their end zone. Another look for Raymond, who makes a nice diving catch to move the chains.

Drive stalls, its fourth-and-1 at the 26-yard line. Offense is on the field, but a timeout is called. Jamaal Williams gets the attempt, and moves the chains. Gutsy stuff. Third-and-11 -- Bengals send heat, Goff throws it into the ground.

-- Cincinnati Bengals' drive starts on its own 38.

It's third-and-2 for the Bengals after Detroit' sloppy offensive performance -- Julian Okwara with the untouched sack. Burrow was empty in the gun and ate one. First of his career.

Detroit Lions drive starts on own 28 -- 14:48 --

Jared Goff hits T.J. Hockenson for the first down, with the Lions advancing towards midfield. Thats the first new set of downs earned by the offense of the game. DAndre Swift rushes for 8 yards, giving the Lions second-and-2 at midfield. Jamaal Williams goes nowhere, its third-and-short -- Williams gets another shot, and this time, he gets it. Nice move through the line on the 6-yard run.

Goff in the gun with Hockenson lined up next to him in his backfield. Detroit's drive faces another third-down, this one third down from Cincy'' 38-yard line. Hockenson ran a wheel out of the backfield. Anthony Lynn, offensive coordinator, has done a fantastic job with his call and look. Goff just couldn't get the ball to go in there on third-and-4.

Penei Sewell is called for holding as Goff throws it away and out of bounds.

During the first quarter, the firm announced its first quarterly earnings.

-- Cincinnati Bengals' drive starts on its own 23 -- 1:58 --

Derick Barnes is all over a screen for JaMarr Chase, and its third-and-7 in sniff. Tyler Boyd must move the chains after Burrow has gone out, but holding is bringing it back. Lions hold, and get the ball back to open the second quarter.

Detroit Lions drive starts on own 38. 2:21 --

Trey Hendrickson rushes for 10 yards, but the drive ends with a sack for 0 yards. Jared Goff hits Amon-Ra St. Brown on the next play 25 yards downfield, but the officials may be looking into that one more closely. Cincy recovered it and are challenging the play -- call is reversed, ruled an interception, fight for possession as the receiver went down.

Cincinnati Bengals drive starts on its own 23 minutes at 6:22 -- Cincinnati's possession kicks off at 6.22.

Joe Mixon makes a quick pass and almost takes the chains out of the gates. Another touch for the back goes for nothing, another third-and-short for The Bengals.

Burrow throws a good one to Higgins to move the chains, but offensive holding brings things back, second-and-20 for the Bengals at their own 23. It's third-and-20 -- Amani Oruwariye intercepts the pass off the tip on third. Returns it deep into Cincy territory. Tracy Walker is taunting her after the pick.

Nick Williams, walking off the field on his own strength after Burrows third-down scramble, gets a helmet tap from the Bengals QB on the way off.

8:21 -- The Detroit Lions start their drive on its own 21.

Lions run on first down, its second-and-10. Goffs tossing to Hockenson has no gain, itll be third-and-10. Goff leaves another short of the sticks, leaving three-and-out after GOff leaves one short.

-- Cincinnati Bengals' drive starts on its own 39 -- 12:46 -- The drive begins on the Bengal's own 12

Nick Williams opens the drive with a sack, making it second-and-11. Joe Mixon hits a quick third-and-9 to finish the game. Joe Burrow hits Tee Higgins over the middle, and thats a first down.

Mixon makes him pay with an 8-yard run on first-and-10 when Jalen Reeves-Maybin takes a bad angle. The Bengals are at Detroits 38-yard line. Burrow scrambles out of the pocket and gets third-and-5. Jerry Jacobs, an undrafted rookie, has been following JaMarr Chase, the Bengals' most valuable rookie. Chris Evans, the Bengals running back, scores from 24 yards out, beating Reeves-Maybin in a matter of seconds. The Lions linebacker was tight at the line of scrimmage, all alone, with no one else around, and a simple juke inside doing him in. Bengals 7, Lions 0: Bengal 7 Lion 0-Lions

-- The Detroit Lions' drive begins on its own 23 -- 14:56 --

Tom Kennedy kicks, with Corey Ballentine on injured reserve. Jamaal Williams kicks in another game with a carry and adds 3 yards out of the gate. Hockenson for illegal formation and Penei Sewell for an ugly false start are both punished for back-to-back penalties, making it second-and-17.

DAndre Swift is now third-and-16. Incomplete for Swift Jack Fox time.

Pregame PreGame Pre Game Pre game Prematch Pregamble Preliminary Game

Inactives: CB Daryl Worley, LB Jessie Lemonier, CBP Mark Gilbert, D-L Jashon Cornell, QB Trinity Benson, and D-1 Eric Banks

Inactives: DE Darius Hodge, WR Mike Thomas, D-L Tyler Shelvin, CB Tre Flowers, and CFB Tre Blumen

Jermar Jefferson, an angry RB, is set to make his Lions NFL debut; T.J. Hockenson, DAndre Swift, and D'Andrea Swift are also active.


Joe Burrow and the Cincinnati Bengals (3-2) are in town to face the Detroit Lions (0-5) in Week 6 action at Ford Field.

This page will be updated with drive summary, analysis, injury updates, photos, and more throughout the game. Follow MLives Detroit Lions reporters on Twitter -- @BenjaminSRaven and @kmeinke -- and hit the refresh button to keep up. Also, check MLives Facebook page after the game for a quick breakdown.

Detroit Lions vs. Cincinnati Bengals: Matchups to watch, key questions heading into Week 6

How to watch the Detroit Lions vs. Cincinnati Bengals: Everything you need to know heading into Week 6.

Joe Burrow-JaMarr Chase, Bengals Joe Turrow and Jamarr Hunt, provide another tough test for the Detroit Lions in Week 6.

2021 Team stats

DVOA (DVA) is a requirement for all DMV accounts. Rankings are not appropriate. Lions 25th anniversary is next week and Lion's are celebrating its 25 years. | Bengals are now in their 16th defeat of the season.

DVOA (DVVOA) is a legal document that specifies the date and time of the transfer. Rankings in the defensive zone Lions are currently in their 29th year in the Lion's history. | Bengals are now in their seventh year, after beating the Cincinnati Bengal's 7th.

Net yards gained per passing attempt: Lions 5.6 (29th) | Bengals 7.4 (7th)

Rushing yards per attempt: Lions 4.3 (11th) | Bengals 3.9 (23rd)

Points per game Lions 19.6 (25th) | Bengals 22.6 (18th)

Points per game: Lions 27.6 (25th) | Bengals 20.0 (8th)

Net yards per passing attempt: Lions 8.6 (31st) | Bengals 6.0 (8th)

Rushing yards per attempt: Lions 4.4 (21st) | Bengals 4.1 (13th)

Takeaways: Lions 6 Lion's 5 Lion 6 | Bengals 5: 5

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