18-year-old charged in drive-by shooting that killed an Alabama boy playing iPad in bed

18-year-old charged in drive-by shooting that killed an Alabama boy playing iPad in bed ...

13-year-old boy was killed in a drive-by shooting at his Tuscaloosa home while he was playing on his iPad. A suspect is in custody in the case.

James Deanthony Reed, 18, was arrested Sunday night by the Tuscaloosa Violent Crimes Unit.

Keilan Allen, a Westlawn Middle School eighth grader and straight-A student, was found dead on the floor of Reeds residence.

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Capt. Jack Kennedy said investigators believe a younger Keilan family member was the intended victim. He didn't elaborate.

As of late Sunday night, no photo of Reed was available.

Shortly before 6:30 p.m. A hail of gunfire directed at Keilans Washington Square home erupted from the outside on Friday.

Keilans bedroom received about 13 bullets, and there were even more in other areas of the house.

Keilan was in his bedroom, wearing his beloved red Beats. In the vicinity, a dictionary was open.

Christina Barnes, Keilans mother, repeatedly called her son's name after the shots rang out. He was her first-born and only son.

Keilans first cousin, Corey Prewitt, 26, said, He didnt respond after that, so she walked in the room, and he was slumped over. She grabbed him and told him, I love you. I love you, he said. " An innocent child with a bullet hole in his head."

On Saturday, Tuscaloosa police posted this on Facebook: Our Chief of Police had to tell a mother and he father that their little boy had disappeared. Their son was sitting in his room, playing on his iPad, when shots fired at the house came through the window and ended his life.

There were so many shell casings in the road that officers had to pull business cards from their wallets to fold and use as temporary evidence markers.

After realizing there was nothing they could do, the parents and family of a 13-year-old boy had to stand across the street and watch paramedics drive the ambulance away.

Keilans death has left the family in a bind. Prewitt stated, It just happened out of nowhere. Its a tumultuous time and I cant say were handling it well, said Mr. Garfield.

Keilan leaves behind his parents, three little sisters, and a close-knit group of extended family members.

He was a truly gifted kid. A straight-A student. Very artistic. He could draw, Prewitt said.

He was computer savvy, his cousin said. This was a very bright and smart young man, and they took his future away, he said.

Keilan was the last person to be a victim of gun violence, according to Prewitt.

He was at home in the safest place he could be, Prewitt said. He wasnt a street kid. He wasn't even ten years old, he added. Hes not cut from that cloth. My auntie did a fantastic job raising him.

Keilans death left the family struggling to deal with the shock of his death on Saturday.

Prewitt said he wanted people to remember how kind a man il was. He must be remembered as smart, kind, and patient. He didnt bother anyone.

He was an artist and friendly to all of his friends, he said. All that got taken from him.

He stated that the family will preserve Keilans name and memory alive.

Im pretty sure they (the shooter or shooters) now understand they made a huge error, Prewitt said. The world is going to see were not going back until justice is served, he added.

The investigation is ongoing. Kennedy stated that more arrests are possible.

Anyone with information is asked to call 205-349-2121, 204-464-8690, or report anonymously at 205-752-STOP (7867).

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