Clark County sheriff deputies shoot and kill armed man after car chase; multiple bullets pierce mobile homes; mobile home owners are hit with bullet wounds; and several mobile houses are damaged by bullet damage

Clark County sheriff deputies shoot and kill armed man after car chase; multiple bullets pierce mobi ...

Residents of a Vancouver mobile home park were awakened by what looked like screams of an automobile crash, then bursts and burstens from rapid-fire gunshots, before they found 'a man shot and killed by sheriff's deputies lying in.

One or more Clark County sheriffs deputies fatally shot an armed man after an attempted traffic stop turned into a car chase around 2:20 p.m., the sherriff's office reported.

The driver was wanted on suspicion of first-degree assault with a gun and fled the stop, police said.

The fleeing large, four-door white SUV was forced to stop a tactical maneuver on Northeast 49th Street, between 119th and 122nd avenues by Sheriffs deputies.

According to the sheriffs office, police following the suspect's vehicle bumped a rear corner of the fleeing SUV to cause it to spin and come to halt.

The suspects white SUV jumped a curb and appeared to spin, before ending up on sand on 49th Street.

According to the sheriffs office and witnesses, the driver got out of the vehicle, armed with a handgun, and ran into secluded mobile home park.

Residents of Oak Creek Mobile Home Park, which is also near the site, heard what looked like a crash, followed by several gunshots.

Taurino Sepulvada said he was awakened and heard 14 gunshots in three rapid-fire bursts.

Shemeah Soriano, 20, was playing a video game in her familys living room when she heard the gunshots. She said the gunshots were intense once she removed her earphones.

She rose from her chair and noticed that at least a dozen bullets had struck her familys mobile home.

There were 11 bullet holes in the bathroom alone: four above and around the toilet, and four more in and outside the shower.

Another bullet entered a bedroom and moved through the door into the living room. If it had kept traveling at the same speed, it could have struck Soriano in the back if she had remained seated at a computer playing video games. Soriano ran to her grandmothers bedroom and the two lay on the floor until the gunfire ended.

Its a miracle that no one was injured, said Tersita Lanoria, Soriano s grandmother, as she pointed out each of the bullet holes in their mobile home Sunday afternoon.

The 20-year-old said she called 911. She was told to stay inside with her grandmother, who was also instructed to remain inside.

Soon after, they discovered that the man shot and killed by police lay bleeding in their driveway.

According to photos taken to The Oregonian/OregonLive, the mans torso appeared to be under the front of their parked car, his head perched beside the rear right tire.

According to the photographs, the unidentified Black man was barefoot, wearing red pants and a black sweatshirt.

Several nearby residents said they heard police shouting on a megaphone, Come out with your hands up, youre under arrest!

Sgt. Brent Waddell, a sheriffs office spokesman, stated in fewer than ten words that the suspect left the vehicle with armed weapons and failed to compliance with deputies.

According to Waddell, a deputy or deputies then shot and killed the man, who was found armed only if he were not looking for retribution.

Cony Ramirez, Conany Ramic's mother, who was not at the home at time of the shooting but has since looked at damage, said she' is shocked that what appeared to be sheriff'' s shots have taken down her home.

She said she wondered what the officers were thinking when they fired toward a number of occupied mobile homes.

She added that she believes that they must be accountable for their actions. This is unacceptable.

What would have happened if someone had died in our house? she asked. Were really frustrated. I want them to pay for what happened. They need to work harder. Were just extremely grateful that nobody inside was hurt.

Soriano and Lanoria said they couldn't sleep after the early-morning shooting because of the trauma.

Waddell did not respond to inquiries about the gunshots that hit at least two mobile homes.

Another resident who moved to the mobile home park a week earlier said one shot entered her home, and she hit the floor, where she stayed for about 15 minutes as she heard more gunfire. She said the bullet bowed around, leaving seven holes in her home.

The sheriffs office did not identify the man killed or specify how many officers fired shots. According to Waddell, the involved deputies were placed on paid leave pending an ongoing investigation by the Southwest Washington Regional Independent Investigation Team.

Two separate lawsuits have been filed by the families of two other Black men, who were shot and killed in two recent separate shootings by sheriffs deputies in the past year.

Jenoah Donald, 30, an unarmed Black man, was shot dead by a Clark County sheriff's deputy on Feb. 4 in Hazel Dell after an attempted traffic stop. He died eight days after he was shot once in the head. A team of Washington prosecutors concluded that the shooting was justified. Kevin Peterson Jr., a Clark County sheriff's deput, was shot and killed by other Clark county sherriffs officers on Oct. 29, 2020, during an undercover drug sting. A Washington state prosecutor also found the shooting of Peterson justified and legal.

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