The 13 Best Washable Dog Beds In 2021

The 13 Best Washable Dog Beds In 2021 ...

If your dog prefers a comfortable bed thats easy to clean, putting together sanitizer-free dog beds is advisable. The best washable dog beds come in a variety of styles and are easy to maintain. Many of these beds are completely washable, making cleaning easy. Some dog bed materials cant be washed completely but options with machine-washable, removable covers may make them easy to use as well.

Consider your preferences as you shop for dog beds. For those who desire a fully washable bed, look for options with polyester or cotton inserts or fillings. These can often handle a cycle (or 20 cycles) through the washing machine. While foam bedding is a popular (and soft) option, it typically breaks apart when washed. There are foam-stuffed dog beds with removable covers that you may wash. When it comes to foam and other non-washable designs, look for water-resistant covers to prevent slobber and water stains from escaping through the fabric.

As youre shopping, the most important factor you'll have to consider is which bed design is best for your pup, as styles include plush donuts, orthopedic foam beds, portable mats and many more. The bed you choose should be big enough for your pup. Many of the items listed below are in a variety of sizes, so you can find the perfect match.

For more on the best washable dog beds, check out these 13 recommendations, which are all available on Amazon.

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