The Most Brutal Roman Put-Down on 'Succession'

The Most Brutal Roman Put-Down on 'Succession' ...

After two long years without the Roys, Succession Season 3 is finally here, and by this time in the shows lore, there are a few things you can pretty much always count on. Shiv will be #girlboss way too hard. Kendall will rock his browns and greiges. Connor will do something... ridiculous. Roman will be there to answer all of it with his signature, chaotic wit.

Roman has channeled his middle-child energy through his words since Season 1, often in the form of sarcastic one-liners and quick, snappy comebacks most of us only dream of hours after a conversation. While Romans ability to name-call might convey an immature vibe, hell be able to grow up as a result, Roman isnt afraid to offer strategic business advice or even open up to his siblings about their relationship. Is there a place where we, like, can just talk to each other about... things... normally if we come through this?

Of course, Roman is still evolving he even has a new relationship with Gerri! - but dont hold your breath for him to go completely away from his poetic slurs anytime soon. Kieran Culkin will make even more Roman-isms in Season 3 of Succession, coming off his first-ever Emmy nomination in 2020. But first, here are just a few of his finest, most brutal lines from the first two seasons.

You Look Like... Season 1, Episode 1: An Actual Human Person:

Romans power is so great that even his compliments arent nearly as sarcastic. In the first episode of the show, he tells Shiv that a human person looks like him. The exchange marked the first of many, many siblings squabbles between the two youngest Roys its almost their thing by this point.

Episode 2, Episode 1

Roman isnt afraid to dig deep when Logan is in the hospital and the family is arguing about who hed like to be in charge. Kendall insists Logan had promised him the job, in time. Roman says Roman said he said it to be nice. What I think he meant to say was that if Mom gave birth to a can opener, it would be useful.... Too far? Roman, you're right, but when are you even just far enough?

Kim Jong-Pop is a Korean pop artist who lives in Seoul Season 1, Episode 5: Thats Not How Things Work In This Country:

Roman is a voice of reason, with hints of Roman flair, following Logans bold suggestion that Waystar Royco simply get into all media: Well, Kim Jong-pop, because that s not how things in this country work. Kendall actually fights back at Logan himself You dont like telling people what to think, Kendall says, making this a brilliant Roman-Kendall assist.

Season 1, Episode 5: Are You Not Going To Be Marrying Shiv Anymore?

Tom suggests everyone gather around the table and say what theyre thankful for in a valiant effort to make the Roys Thanksgiving less awful. Im thankful that Ill be marrying into one of the most vital, interesting, kind, and loving families in the world, Tom says. Roman questions, Are you not going to be marrying Shiv any more?

I Dont Feel Like Im Gaining A Brother, Either: Season 1, Episode 10

Roman manages to make the new quasi-Roy feel unwelcome when it comes time to introduce Tom to Shivs family at Shivi s wedding. Again. I dont feel like Im losing a sister, he says in his toast. I dont feel like Im gaining a brother, either, he added. Tom being Tom, and being on the fringes of the Roys, it was the kind of put-down that might have been taken in good fun by anyone else but with Tom always being Tommy, you knew that had to hurt.

You Got A Haircut? Season 2, Episode 1 of I Hate It

Shiv's new Season 2 look marked a new era for the youngest Roy sibling, one that Roman acknowledged in, well, total Roman fashion. Youve got a haircut! At the familys summer home, he tells her 'I hate it.' Sometimes, less is more.

Season 2, Episode 2

Roman is a fairly reserved child, but he does occasionally poke fun at some of the more out-of-touch aspects of his siblings and Connor is an easy bait on that front. Roman catches up with his big brother and discovers that hes still planning to run for president. Do you think thats a natural progression from never done nothing, never, to most important job in the world? he asks. Like, could you maybe get a little experience at like..

Wambsgans, Nice Vest, Wabbly Vests... Season 2, Episode 6: Whats It Stuffed With, Your Hopes, And Dreams?

Tom donned his tech-bro down vest at Argestes, but Roman wouldnt be Roman if he didn not comment on the look. Nice vest, Wambsgans, its so puffy, he tells his brother-in-law, who earnestly accepts the compliment before Roman says Part 2: Whatre you filling it with, your hopes and dreams?

Are Your Nips Hard? Season 2, Episode 7: You Are So Out In The Cold

Roman always knows how to get under Shivs skin, so when shell be pushed around the corporate landscape in Season 2, he makes one of his signature observations. Logan, who has risen up for a meeting, asks, Are your nips hard? Because you are so far away in the cold, they must be.

My Dad Hastened All Of You. Season 2, Episode 8 of F*cky Go Bye-Bye: Season 1, Episode 8.

Of course, Roman's savage wordplay isn't restricted to the family. Roman is asked to do one take too many messages while recording messages for Logans 50th anniversary celebration, and presents the poor studio workers with a mean, cartoon-y performance. What's up, prick-licks? Doctor Moron, its me! Im a ding-dong muddler dipsh*t with tit-mouse c**k and my dad hates all of you. F*cky go bye-bye! OK, what? Wollen Sie fragen, where will he get this from?

When Succession Season 3 will debut on Oct. 17, even more words to live by will be revealed.

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