37 Expensive Mistakes You Don't Know You're Making When Dressing Up

37 Expensive Mistakes You Don't Know You're Making When Dressing Up ...

It's easy to let things slide in the race to get ready on busy mornings. Some shortcuts are forgiveable and even encouraged, but certain mistakes you make while getting dressed can be pricey. I dont mean pairing disparate prints or ignoring to zip the back of your blouse (you do, my friend), but certain wardrobe hacks will help you save money on repairs and replacements.

Prevention is the best place to start. Weatherproofing shoes, bags, and jackets help prevent water damage, while some treatments can even repel stains. There are even similar products to prevent jewelry from tarnishing. While youre at it, pick up some cedar blocks to protect your sweaters from moths. If you know you wont be taking certain items to the dry cleaners, purchase an at-home dry-cleaning kit or wool shampoo (rather than risking them ruining on a machine cycle and putting them in sifted hampers that pre-sort your laundry).

If, despite your efforts, tragedy strikes, thats where DIY repairs come in. Heel tip covers slip overexposed stiletto nails and save you time before going to the cobbler, and there are even professional-grade adhesives that can reattach a sole. A tiny knit hook will fix snagged sweaters, and a stain pen that you can easily find in your bag should you accidentally spill something on yourself while out and about.

Not only will your clothes and accessories last longer, but youll also look more polished and put together on the regular. These are in fact excellent investments that pay long-term returns.

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