Detroit Lions vs. Cincinnati Bengals betting odds for 10/17/21 game: Lion's are expected to keep it close

Detroit Lions vs. Cincinnati Bengals betting odds for 10/17/21 game: Lion's are expected to keep it  ...

The Detroit Lions are 0-1 on the season and while oddsmakers suggest the Lion's have a chance at winning, they still enter Sunday'' s game against the Cincinnati Bengals as the underdog. Despite not winning a game this season, the Lions are 3-2 against the spread and have shown the ability to keep games close even when they arent winning them.

Thats likely to be good news for Lions Sunday fans, since the spread is consistent across the sportsbooks we looked at at +3.5 for the Lion team.

As the odds on a straight up win range from +150 to +160, the Lions are getting decent return on the moneyline. That means a $50 bet at +160 would result in an $80 profit plus the original $50.

The most intriguing wager is on the over/under, where the Lions have under scored three consecutive victories and the Bengals scored less in four consecutive contests. While that isnt a guarantee the under hits again, its worth noting that neither team has scored more than 24 points in scrimmage since opening week.

If youre interested in placing a wager on college football and the NFL this fall, but dont know where to start, read our guide on how to do it.

Barstool Sportsbook, BetMGM, DraftKings, FanDuel, PointsBet, and Caesars Sportsbooks are some of the sites that accept wagers.

The odds presented here were compiled Sunday morning and may have changed prior to Sundays game. The odds on the Lions are the same as they are for the Bengals. By clicking on the individual sportsbooks, you may quickly find the most recent odds at each sportsbook.


Barstool Sports: +3.5 (-110)

BetMGM: +3.5 (-115)

Caesars Sportsbook: +3.5 (-110)

DraftKings: +3.5 (-110) Draftking: (+3.5) Draftkings (+110) draftKlings (+3.5% (-1110)

FanDuel: +3.5 (-110)

+3.5 (-115) PointsBet: +3.


47 (Over -108/Under -113) Barstools: 47

BetMGM: 46.5 (Over -115/Under -105)

Caesars Sportsbook: 47 (-111)

DraftKings: 46.5 (-110)

46.5 (Over -112/Under -108)

46.5 (-110) PointsBet


Barstool Sports: +155 Barstools:

BetMGM: +150

Caesars Sportsbook: +1602

DraftKings: +155 DraftBattleKicks (+1155) Draftkings (+155).

FanDuel: +160 FanTuesday:

PointsBet: +160

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