Alabama is finally back?

Alabama is finally back? ...

Nick Saban stated earlier this week that people get what they deserve in life.

That statement irritated everyone. What was it like to be able to understand the issue?

Was it a reaction to Alabamas loss to Texas A&M? Eye for an eye? Was Alabamas coach going Leviticus on his team behind closed doors? Had Alabamas coach been watching Squid Game on Netflix, or had he just consumed too much bloody film of his defense?

Peter, does this sound like a game of Red Light, Green Light to you?

Cold but warm.

If it was Alabama's defense that sat Sabans attention all week, then itll be time for Alabama defensive coordinator Pete Golding to get another raise... or at least get a new stay of execution until the next game.

You know what? In life, you get what you deserve, right?

Except, of course, for Mississippi State quarterback Will Rogers. Even if Mississippi State had it coming, Rogers didn't deserve this defeat.

Alabamas 49-9 bounce-back victory in Starkville on Saturday night was a nod to the old way... and by old method, we mean Old Testament defense played the way Saban preached it from the beginning of known time. Will Anderson Jr. of Alabama's pass rusher, Willson, had four sacks, which drew comparisons to Derrick Thomas. Defensive back Jordan Battle intercepted Rogers in the first quarter at the Mississippi State 40-yard line, and then plowed through Roger's at Mississippi' goal line for a pick-six touchdown.

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Rogers, for his effort, was hit by something terrible into that special kind of pristine field turf they can only grow at Mississippi State, and the quarterback injured his throwing arm in the fall. Rogers ate it all night in Stark Vegas, and they take pride in their grass.

In total, he was fired seven times. To his credit, he kept getting up. Brian Branch hooked Rogers for a hard sack on one play and then double-teamed him with linebacker Christian Harris and defensive lineman Byron Young two plays later, after Roger's arm was hanging limp like spools of catfish out of the Tennessee-Tombigbee game.

One week after never showing up at Texas A&M, the defense never gave up. Alabama finished with three interceptions, and on the last takeaway, another by Battle, South Florida defensive back from South Carolina ran 60 yards down the field after being tackled and danced on States rare grass.

Saban was extremely pleased about Alabama's defense, and the coach noted that the team completed it all without rushing five players the entire game.

The aim, according to Saban, was to narrow the field in the red zone against the pass-happy offense of Mississippi State coach Mike Leach.

Saban said, If they can run the ball, youre a little more hesitant to do that.

Mississippi State had 19 rush attempts for a grand total of minus-one yard, including Sacks.

Everything becomes confusing and weird when Alabama loses a game, and so the days following Alabamas 41-38 loss to Texas A&M included philosophy and psychology, blame-and-shaming, promises and re-dedications. Reality check time. Heres a look at the elite Top 5-ranked teams that have lost so far this season: No.3 Ohio State, No,3 Oregon, and No 1 Alabama, as well as, on Saturday, Iowa s loss to unranked Purdue. This is the year of the Biblical upset, so stock your fallout shelters accordingly.

How about philosophy? Sometimes, a loss is more valuable than ten victories in college football.

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Mississippi State defeated Texas A&M two weeks ago. Alabama entered Aggieland as the nation's No.1 team last week, but lost to the SEC West'' runner-up. Saban stated in the aftermath that Alabama was no longer an elite university.

Maybe not, but this team is still one of the best in the country, and the Crimson Tide is back on track to win the SEC West.

Its as if old times have come to an end, and even Tennessee has been raised from the dead... for good or ill. Is Alabama finally back after a week of so many overreactions? At least, the standings tell me, until the Iron Bowl.

Joseph Goodman is a columnist for the Alabama Media Group. Hes on Twitter @JoeGoodmanJr. Nick Sabans ultimate team is set to be released on Nov.9. His first book, We Want Bama: A season of hope and the making of Nick Sabran ultime team', will be published on November 9.

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