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A Protest Against The Intervention Of The US Ambassador In The Affairs Of Lebanon Took Place In Beirut

A Protest Against The Intervention Of The US Ambassador In The Affairs Of Lebanon Took Place In Beirut

The Lebanese public held a protest on Monday against the interference of the US Ambassador in Beirut, Dorothy Shea, in the Internal Affairs of the country, according to Al Mayadeen TV channel.

Participants of the action gathered at the building of the foreign Ministry of the Republic, where the American diplomat was called after several scandalous statements to local TV channels. In them, she attacked the Shiite Hezbollah, calling this party, whose fighters are fighting on the side of the Syrian army, the main culprit of the severe economic crisis in Lebanon. According to Shea, Lebanon has lost billions of dollars because Hezbollah influences its policies and has become a "state within a state."

In response, the demonstrators said at their rally that Lebanon does not need lessons in democracy from the American Ambassador. "The economic boycott of Syria and Lebanon will not break the resistance to the plans of the United States and Israel!" the activists chanted. Police special forces who arrived at the scene pushed back the crowd of protesters to open the passage of the motorcade of cars of the US Embassy.

After a meeting with the head of the Lebanese Foreign Ministry, Nasif Khitti, the American diplomat said at a press conference that "all the misunderstandings in bilateral relations have been resolved."

Earlier, a judge from the city of Tyre, Mohammed Mazeh, issued a verdict prohibiting local journalists from interviewing the US Ambassador to Lebanon for one year. The judge considered that the American diplomat's inflammatory statements against Hezbollah were aimed at undermining stability and civil peace in Lebanon.

In response, Shea told MTV that the decision made by judge Tyre "will be a black spot in the democratic reputation of Lebanon." She warned that Lebanese politicians from different religious communities who maintain close contacts with the Pro-Iranian Hezbollah and Syria may be subject to new US sanctions. The head of the press service of the Lebanese President, Rafik Shalala, responded to these threats on Monday. According to him, Lebanon is "proud of its independent and Patriotic judges." He also advised the US Ambassador to stop interfering unceremoniously in the country's internal Affairs.

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