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Bob Dylan's Album Topped The UK Charts For The Ninth Time

Bob Dylan's Album Topped The UK Charts For The Ninth Time

Bob Dylan became the oldest musician whose album topped the UK Albums Chart, and the American singer managed to reach the top of the British charts for the ninth time. As it became known on Friday, the singer's 39th Studio compilation entitled Rough and Ready Ways, which was released on June 19, became the best-selling album in the United Kingdom.

The 79-year-old artist's CD in this week's chart surpassed Canadian singer Neil young's album Homegrown, which was recorded back in the 70s of the last Millennium but has not been published until now. Chromatic, the sixth Studio album by American singer Lady Gaga, moved to third place.

Before that, the record was held by Paul Simon. In 2016, his compilation Stranger To Stranger reached the top of the UK chart when the American singer was 74 years old.

Also, Rough and Rowdy Ways became Dylan's ninth album to reach the top of the UK charts. Before this, only two bands managed to achieve this feat - Swedish Abba and English Queen. This was 56 years after Dylan first reached the top of the UK charts with his second Studio album, The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan in 1963.

Fans of Dylan and young mostly remain loyal to physical media. According to the BBC broadcasting Corporation, 85% of the album sales of these two artists are on vinyl records or CDs. For comparison, only 38% of albums from the top ten of the chart were purchased on physical media.

Nobel laureate

Bob Dylan is one of the most famous musicians with a career spanning almost five decades. According to Rolling Stone magazine, Dylan is the "second most important" artist in music history after the Beatles. His songs Blowin' in the Wind ("In a breath of wind") and The Times They Are a-Changin ("Times they change") became anthems of the civil rights movement and the anti-war movement in the United States. In 2008, the musician received the Pulitzer prize, in May 2012, he was awarded the highest award in the United States-the Presidential medal of Freedom, by the decision of the National Academy of recording arts and technology in 2015, he was named "Person of the year."

In 2016, Dylan was awarded the Nobel prize in literature "for creating poetic images in the great American song tradition." 12 times his work was awarded a Grammy award, in 2001 he received an Oscar in the category Best song in the film Wonder Boys (2000), his name is included in the rock and roll Hall of fame.

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