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The US Federal Election Commission Is Effectively Suspending Its Work

The US Federal Election Commission Is Effectively Suspending Its Work

The US Federal Election Commission will be forced to suspend its work after one of its three members, Republican Caroline hunter, resigned, according to an article published on Saturday in the Washington Post.

After the resignation of the hunter, who served in her post for several years, the Commission will be forced to effectively stop its work a few months before the November elections, according to a rule that requires that its leadership has a minimum of four people to make important decisions. This State Agency is responsible for enforcing laws on campaign finance.

In June, the Commission was only able to restore the quorum and start its full work after a break of 10 months. Republican James Raynor led it last week after his nomination was confirmed by US senators in May.

Last August, the Commission's Deputy Chairman, Matthew Petersen, resigned, leading to the longest period of quorum absence in the history of this state Agency. The leadership of the Commission, the legislation notes, consists of six people. But now it consists of only three: Republican Trainor, Democrat Ellen Weintraub, and Deputy Chairman Stephen Walter, who, in most cases, support the Democrats.

Complex history

Until August last year, the Commission had only four members for about a year and a half due to the resignation of two members of the Commission. At the same time, the six-year term of office of Walter and Weintraub expired in 2009 and 2007, respectively. But they continue to work since neither the 44th President of the United States Barack Obama nor the current head of state Donald trump all these years has not nominated candidates to replace them. Two other positions on the Commission have remained vacant for many years.

Hunter joined the state Agency in June 2008, her term expired in April 2013, but she also continued her work.

The Washington Post notes that the number of issues that the Commission must deal with has been growing recently. The white house plans to nominate lawyer Allen Dickerson to replace hunter. However, it is not known when it will be submitted for approval by the US Senate. The Upper House of the Legislature has yet to consider and vote on Dickenson's nomination.

According to the newspaper, a couple of months before the elections in the country, the state Agency will not be able to ensure the accountability of participants in the presidential race, in particular, to fine politicians, approve checks, vote on the results of investigations. A similar situation, in which the Commission essentially suspended its work, occurred in 2008.

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