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2021 Episodic Lab Participants On The Black List And WIF Release 2022 Episcodic Laboratory Participants The BLACK LISTE And THE WIFF Release The 2025 EpispodicLab Participants

2021 Episodic Lab Participants On The Black List And WIF Release 2022 Episcodic Laboratory Participants The BLACK LISTE And THE WIFF Release The 2025 EpispodicLab Participants

The Black List and Women In Film (WIF) have announced the participants selected for their sixth annual episodic lab.

Six pilots from eight writers have been selected to participate in the professional development-focused lab, which includes master classes, pitch coaching, mentoring, and introductions to television industry representatives to assist develop writing careers, according to a record 1,200 applicants. Monica Beletsky (Parenthood), Carly Wray (Watchmen), Sono Patel (Crazy Ex-Girlfriend), Glen Mazzara (The Dark Tower), Kira Snyder (the Handmaids Tale), Erika L. Johnson (Good Lord Bird), and Lauren LeFranc (Impulse) have been previous mentors and instructors for the lab over the past six years.

80% of Lab alumni have representation in the industry, with over 8% of them having representation during or following the Lab, 44% working on television programs, and the majority of the workforce continuing to work in entertainment.

Were so proud of our participants, past and present, who continue to excel in a highly competitive environment. Maikiko James, Women In Film Director and Episodic Lab co-manager, says, "Were delighted to have supported them throughout their time in the Lab, as the one constant component to success in this industry is sticking with it."

Megan Halpern, who runs the lab together with James, said, "Were thrilled to have built a community, not just of writers, but of mentors and advisors that return year after year to support these up-and-coming writers. We cant thank them enough for making the Lab what it is, especially in the past year as the program morphed due to the epidemic." We could not have done it without them.

The lab will open this week and run a hybrid model of in-person and virtual sessions until November 2021.

Here's more information about the participants and their projects.

Societies Orientate Lydia Caradine, Lydia's daughter At the height of the Harlem Renaissance, an ambitious, wealthy young woman reconciles being young, gifted, and Black with the unfortunate realities of racism, colorism,, & gender inequality in the early twentieth century. Collette will roar, 20s or no 30s.

That Woman by Christan Leonard and Mads Gauger is a new book by Madd Gauge and Christen Leonard. Zee Bauer decides to fight for office against a married congresswoman ten years after an affair with he ruined her life.

Founders are the founders of the Founded Companies. Marisa Hardwicke is a fictional character played by Marisie Hardwoode. After a top venture capital firm announces it has set aside money to fully fund ONE lucky female-founded tech startup, two ex-Stanford roommates and former business partners find themselves once again in conflict as they try to get their products fully funded.

Alex Rubin's Lost Hope Hotel is located in the Lost City of Hope, New York City. The most haunted hotel in the world is in Lost Hope, Pennsylvania, plagued by spirits since Crazy Lainey died there ten years ago. Katie, the hotel manager and daughter of the legendary Lainey, has kept a secret for ten years: its all fake.

Nalini Sharma is portrayed as Rowdy by Nalinie Sharma. A successful Indian American diplomat returns to Atlanta only to discover her uber-dismal family in ruins, requiring her to stay and fix their lives while possibly finding a life of her own...all before she has to freeze her eggs and shit.

Hannah Stoddard & Jenny Ulmer's Dark Horse: Hannah Ulster vs Jenny Stodeard. When a washed-up circus star accidentally kills the ringmaster, life in the 80s goes from glam to gore. After packing her family and the corpse, she flees to her estranged mothers lavish estate, only to discover that mother knows best when it comes to disposing of bodies.

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