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"I'm Sure I'll Act Again": Ellen Pompeo ponders her thoughts on future plans after 'Grey's Anatomy: "If I do, I will."

After more than 18 years on ABCs long-running Grey s Anatomy, actress Ellen Pompeo has offered an opinion on what her on-screen future might be after Dr. Meredith Grey.

Probably not movies, I dont have a movie career, Pompeo said during Audacys Check In.

Pompeo stated in a conversation with Audacy's Dax Holt that the days of pigeon-holing of TV actors to sole television projects are over thanks to the rise of streaming. However, even the shifts in the entertainment landscape wont necessarily put the actress on screen.

Before, being on a network for so long, youd be literally doomed. That definitely isnt the case anymore, so I probably wouldn t make movies per se, but I figured Id probably make some streaming television, Pompeo added.

Though the actress didnt go into too much detail about the types of streaming projects shed like to undertake, she did state that she's currently developing something right now, adding that we'll see if its that thatll be seen by the masses. Pompeo has already begun work on Calamity Jane, which is a production company. In April, Deadline learned exclusively that the black comedy Deeds, starring Sex and the Citys Kristin Davis and produced by Pompeos firm, is in the works at HBO Max.

Beyond development and possibly streaming television gigs, Pompeo has already begun expanding into a variety of fields, including audio series with her Tell Me with Ellen Pompeu podcast, which debuted last month.

Im just trying to play in a few different areas and do..., but Ill probably act again, she added.

Greys Anatomy returned for its 18th season earlier this month, but there is still a possibility that the current season will be its last. Pompeos current contract expires at the end of the season.

Watch the clip below for her comments.

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