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Michigan is named one of the 50 most delicious restaurants in the United States, according to the New York Times

Michigan is named one of the 50 most delicious restaurants in the United States, according to the New York Times

DEARBORN, MI - The area's already seen how good this restaurant is. Thanks to the New York Times' 50 most vibrant and delicious restaurants of 2021, the rest of the country has just been informed.

AlTayeb, the only Michigan restaurant on the list just published by the NY Times, is the one in town. The Lebanese restaurant is located at 15010 W. Warren Ave. in Dearborn.

The New York Times said it sent food critics, reporters, and editors all over the country to come up with its unranked list.

Some of these are timeless classics, still great after decades. Others are in their prime, restaurants at their peak. And yet more are newcomers, eagerly navigating the toughest stretch the restaurant industry is likely to endure. All of them beckon us back to the table, the Times article stated.

AlTayeb, in Arabic the delicious, was opened by AlHamade and his son-in-law, Ahmad Sanji, as a sub shop in 2017. After Garden City became well-known for its weekend-only Lebanese breakfasts, that original location, which is now called Garden, dropped the sandwiches.

The evolution continued when this more spacious, welcoming location opened last year. The all-day menu includes breakfast dishes like fatteh and makanek sausages with sunny-side-up eggs, as well as versions of Levantine favorites (cheese-stuffed baby eggplants, 10 varieties of foul and hummus, hot-to-the-touch batata harra) that stand out in a Detroit metro area tipped with them.

AlTayeb is open daily from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p. You can read the entire New York Times 50 most vibrant and delicious restaurants of 2021 list here.


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