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Here are the filming locations as we go behind the scenes in Flint, Michigan

Here are the filming locations as we go behind the scenes in Flint, Michigan

In the last few weeks, crews have been filming a horror film all over Flint, Michigan, with plenty of lights, cameras, and action all around the city.

The actors and all of the behind the scenes crew, many of whom are from Flint, have been shooting scenes for Half Dead Fred, starring Corin Nemec (Supernatural, Stargate SG-1, and Parker Lewis Cant Lose), Jason London (Dazed and Confused) and Bron Theron (Dark and Confusion).

Freddy Nash (Nemec), an alcoholic who was killed in a car crash that killed his 9-year-old son, is the subject of the film. Nash has grown into a medium detective, able to talk to the dead since the accident. Nash, who is from Los Angeles, comes to Flint to try and solve a murder.

Id guess that about 90 percent of it is shot in Flint, because were utilizing all Flint real locations, graveyards, houses, bars, etc., Theron told MLive.

Several of those filming locations are located in various parts of downtown. Crews also shot inside Hoffmans Deco Deli and Cafe on Saginaw Street, Tim & Paula s Chilly on Davison Road, and at the Red Roof Inn on Miller Road. This week saw the start of filming.

Nemec says he believes Flint offers a little of everything if filmed in.

The character of this town, really, you could shoot a lot of different places in Flint, Nemec told MLive. You could easily pretend youre on the East Coast. There are certain areas where you could easily pretend you were in the South. Flint has a wide range to shoot here, said Flint.

Theron isnt from Michigan. Nemec isn't involved, nor is he. Why then did they choose to film in Flint?

Ive been coming to Flint doing murals since 2017, as part of the Flint Public Art Project, said Theron. Joe Schipani, one of the men who runs that, he has a three-story house. Very Victorian. Good architecture. Very elegant. This is a great location for directing spooky films.

And thats exactly where much of this horror film takes place, the Mason Street home built in 1870. Not only is Schipanis home a big part of the film, but hell be one of your locals in the movie.

It has been a lot of fun. I play a character who wrote Haunted Flint, whose authorship I shared in real life. Schipani told MLive that she is a fan of Nemec's character. Seeing my house in the film is going to be interesting. I got to see a little of what they recorded, and its really neat how they transformed the rooms and how it can look different in different scenes. Its just mind-boggling to see.

Schipani is only one of many locals who worked on the film. Many of the Flint crew and actors have been cast, according to Theron.

We used about a quarter of locals for this film, said Theron. We brought in a lot of people from outside of Michigan for certain things, and I hired about half of them, including the assistant director. We also did casting here, and many of the actors are locals. Several of the production assistants are from here, and two of our producers are in Flint.

Flints Farmer Market frightened the actors and crew while they were in town.

The food in Flint has been amazing, said Nemec. Weve been having lunches from a variety of different local restaurants. The Farmers Market is simply wonderful. MaMang, the Pho noodle place, is out of control! Go and get some delicious Vietnamese food if you want to sample some good Vietnamese fare. They make an incredible bowl of pho.

With the Flint filming just wrapped, there are still a few scenes to go in Los Angeles. Theron claims he wants to have the film ready for release by early next year and plans to hold a premiere in Flint.

No matter what the distribution is, marketing, whoever picks it up, wherever it goes, were going to do a premiere in Flint, Theron told MLive. The Capitol Theatre is the goal and the idea, according to the president. I believe well be at the Capitol Theatre first showing the film.


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