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Here's a look at the Genesee County races outside of Flint in November

Here's a look at the Genesee County races outside of Flint in November

In Genesee County's upcoming Nov. 2 election, a special election to name statewide city clerks, multiple city council seats, and three mayors are running for re-election are all scheduled.

Polls will be open from 7 a.m. to 8 p. m on Tuesday, Nov. 2. By visiting the Genesee County elections website, you may find your polling location.

Voters in Genesee County will also see proposal issues such as mosquito abatements and one school millage on the ballot.

For non-Flint elections in Genesee County, here is what to expect:

Flushing is a term used to describe flushing.

  • Mayor Joseph Karlichek, who was elected to his first two-year term in 2019, is running unopposed for another two years in office.
  • Dan Fralick, Dane Miller, and Eric Johnson are all running unopposed to remain in their seats for a four-year term.

Fenton is a town in the north west of England, and Felton is close to Feyton.

  • Sue Osborn is running unopposed to be mayor of Sutherland, Massachusetts. Osborn has been the city's mayor since 1998, after serving on the council for nearly a decade. In the November election, the mayor faced a challenger the first time.
  • Tracy Bottecelli, Scott Grossmayer, and David McDermott are each running unopposed for a four-year term to remain Fenton city council members.

Burton Burton is a Burton-based business that specializes in building and supplying products for Burton. Burton's name is Burton, and Burton has echoes of Burton since Burton was founded in 1898.

  • Five candidates are running for three seats on the Burton City Council. Vaughn Smith, current city council member, is the only incumbent running for three seats. Danny Wells, Danny Smith, and Deb Walton are all currently serving terms that expire in November.
  • Tom Scott Cook, Christina Hickson, Greg Hull, Anne Redmond, and Smith are each running for one of the three seats.
  • Council President Steve Heffner, Vice President Gregory Fenner and Councilmembers Tina Conley and Thomas Martinbianco remain on the council until November 2023, with their terms expiring in November.

Clio, Clidio, and Cliolo

  • Bonnie Bare, David Fejedelem, Doug Vance, and David Williams are all running unopposed for a four-year term to remain on the governing board.
  • The council may re-appoint a mayor from its board in November after the election. Clios mayor, unlike other Genesee County towns, is appointed by the board rather than elected by vote. Mayor Bares term as mayor will run out in 2021.

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  • Two incumbents and two outsiders are fighting for three vacant seats on the Grand Blanc city council this November.
  • Christopher Carr and Jamie Weasel are both running for a four-year term alongside Andrew Nyquist and Norm Williams.
  • Robert Courneya and Philip Olson are running unopposed for two-year terms on the Grand Blanc Board of Review.

Davison Township, in Davis Township of Davis, is home to a small town called Davis.

  • In a special election, Democrat Patrick Miller and Republican Morgan Jackson are vying to be Davison Townships next clerk. The elected will serve a partial term ending in November 2024.
  • After former clerk Mary Miller left the township board failed to appoint senate clerk after completing ten days of waiting.

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