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The "Science" Module Will Be Launched To The Iss In The Second Quarter Of 2021

The "Science" Module Will Be Launched To The Iss In The Second Quarter Of 2021

The multi-functional laboratory module Nauka (Science) will be launched into orbit to the International space station in the second quarter of 2021., according to the material of the magazine "Russian Space" (the official publication of Roscosmos).

The module plans to conduct various experiments, including "Vampire" and the development of embryos in quail eggs. "Both experiments will take place in the "Science" module, which is scheduled for launch in the second quarter of 2021," the material says.

In April, Alexander Bloshenko, Executive Director of Roscosmos for science and advanced programs, told TASS that the "Science" module will conduct an experiment "Vampire "to create crystals for the latest infrared (IR) sensors that will be used on satellites of the"Sphere" grouping.

Earlier, Roscosmos reported that the module "Science" is planned to be sent to Baikonur in July. As specified in the state Corporation, tests of the module in the pressure chamber are carried out with a positive result. In particular, specialists have completed tests for the tightness of the hull and docking units. Prior to this, the functioning of the pneumatic hydraulic system of the propulsion system and the external hydraulic circuits was confirmed.

MLM "Science" is able to produce oxygen for six people, regenerate water from urine. With Nauka, Russian cosmonauts should get a second toilet, a cabin for the third crew member, and a European era manipulator that will allow them to perform a number of jobs without going into outer space.

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