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Trent Hill, Chelsea RB, is chasing the record set by his twin brother, Nick Hill

Trent Hill, Chelsea RB, is chasing the record set by his twin brother, Nick Hill

CHELSEA Nick Hill has no problem moving up in the Chelsea football record books now that his young brother, Trent, is poised to surpass him in one prestigious category.

Trent isnt afraid to go after the record.

Trent said jokingly at Chelsea's practice on Monday, I already told him I'm coming for him. That record is about to be broken.

Nick McConnell set the single-season rushing touchdown record with 33 points in 11 games in 2009.

The former Chelsea star running back and Michigan State Spartan, who has 104 career goals and went down as one of Michigans finest high school RBs, his younger brother is now joining the Bulldogs this season in his footsteps.

Trent, a 5-foot-10, 180-pound senior, has scored 20 rushing touchdowns for the 7-0 Bulldogs this season and thats with Chelsea only playing six games because of ill health and is on track to surpass Nick Hill record, which the older Hill has no problem with.

Nick told MLive on Monday that as long as the name has a Hill attached to it, its A-OK with me.

Trent has a solid chance to surpass the 33-TD mark in the postseason, as Chelsea is ranked No. 1 in Division 4 and is expected to make tense runs in playoffs, giving him plenty of chances to break the record.

Nick said, I hope he does, adding, "Its a good thing if em does." The fact that hes only 13 (TDs) away and hatched a weekagain, too, says incredibly much about who He is as an athlete and player, so I absolutely hope and I hope that happens,

Trent has relied on the knowledge of his older brother on-field to gain a better understanding of what it takes to be able to perform as he tail back.

Trents film is reviewed once a week by the two brothers after each game, and they discuss ways to improve Trent's game going forward.

Trent has been able to pass what he learns from Nick on to his younger brother, Tyson, who is a Chelsea sophomore running back.

Trent said, Were as close as we can be." Especially with Tyson on the team, Im passing the stuff I know down to him as Nick is passing it down.

Nick, who will be in attendance Friday for Trent's senior night, believes seeing his brother succeed at the same school has given him a greater sense of pride in the Chelsea community.

Nick said of Trent, I probably brag about him more than anyone else. People I work with, people I know, I talk about him, show highlights of him; its like a dream come true.

Not only for (Trent), but for Tyson as well, its a dream come true watching my younger brothers play at my alma mater, wearing the same jerseys I have, and really building their own reputation and legacy, he added. Itll be gratifying to watch both of my brothers compete on the field, in the jersey that I wear, as I do, with the identical jersey Ive worn, but with contrasting colors and with different jersey colours.

Chelsea coach Josh Lucas said he hopes Trents season-ending success will boost his name among the state's top players.

Hes one of the best backs in the state, if not the most, Lucas stated. Early on, when people didnt see the yards that he had, a lot of him fell off the map, but now if we look at him as good as weve seen so far, its because il is as great as id like to believe.

Of course, breaking Nicks record is important to Trent, but Lucas said hed noticed how his star running back is even more invested in making sure the Bulldogs go as far as they can this season.

Lucas said he is certain a piece of that (record) is his desire. But Im aware he just wants to win and thats what il is interested in, explains Sullivan.

Though he hasnt committed to play college football anywhere yet, Trent said if his play on the field will lead to an opportunity where a man can continue to carry on with the Hill name at the next level,.

Trent said that this has been one of his dreams since he was a baby, so I would be excited, but I know I dont have to worry about that right now. Ive got to take care of the on-field performance and then let the recruiting take its course.


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