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Despite vision issues, Lee T has a keen eye on Bay City area football picks

Despite vision issues, Lee T has a keen eye on Bay City area football picks

BAY CITY, MI, BACCITY (MI), BACITTUS, MA, Ive been faced with a Matrix-like decision each day for the past six weeks.

Blue pill or red pill.

Contrary to Neo, I like both.

While he took the red pill to remove the darkness that was blinding him from the truth, I take both in hopes that Ill regain vision in my left eye.

Thats right, Ive been making high school football predictions with one eye closed all season. I lost a good chuck of my eyeight in July, but no amount of doctor visits, hospital stays, or trips to specialists has produced reversal or cause.

Partial vision can give you all sorts of interesting things, such as knocking over half of the things you reach for, seeing imaginary mice dart across the floor to your left every 10 seconds, and bumping into people, door jambs, end tables, counter tops and anything else that tends to pop out at you.

Its killing my golf game, too.

But it hasn't affected my prediction abilities. Im coming off a 7-3 week that I considered to be very productive, given the myriad of tossups on the slate. Mike Debo (9-1), Scott Fisher (8-2), Matthew LaRue (8-2) and Michael Priebe (8-3) were the only people who beat my mark on Facebook.

Just wait until Im back to full strength.

They tell me my vision may improve in the next nine months, and thats my vnification. So I take the blue pill and the red pill every day. I dont see this on the warning label, but I do believe that taking one pill makes me larger and one tablet makes my smaller, and it happens instantly when I take them together. And, of course, it gives me clarity on my previsions.

Lets take a look at how deep this rabbit hole goes!

Week 7 Spotlight Games - Week 8 & Week 9 7-3 (.700)

Season Spotlight Games 58-12 (.829), 59-52 (.00899)

Week 7 All Games: Week 8 - 14-3 (.824) (,826) (!828) (.994)

Season All Games: Season 118-26 (.819)


CLARE (4-3) at HARRISON (5-2) at CLEAR (4-3).

Neither of these teams is as well positioned in the playoffs as they were seven days ago. After difficult years, both must refocus. Harrison enjoys being a thorn in Clares side from time to time. But dont hold your breath as the Pioneers look to the future. The Huskies havent had a three-game losing streak in one season since 2005. Harrison 18, Harrison 12, Clare 32, Clara 32.


This was a much-anticipated game in the preseason, but Garbers poor performance at Alma and Frankenmuth stutter have eased the tension. If they manage to pull off the upset, The Dukes may still play spoiler, costing Frankenmuth an outright title. Garber has a long history of playing Muth tough at least for.5 percent of the game - but beating the Eagles is another story. It hasnt happened since 2009, and it has not happened again. Frankenmuth 28, Garber 10, Frankinmuthe 28, Frankenberg 28,

BAD AXE (7-0) at LAKER (5-2) on LIGHTER (2-1)

Bad Axe, which is No. 3-ranked, is fast approaching its first league title since 1978. Laker has an interest in this matter, and he has a say. It would be a tragic blow, but the Lakers have been working to score throughout the season. Laker, Bad Axe, and Reese would share a three-way title. Expect it to be interesting. Bad Axe 28, Laker 18, Badax 8, LakeR 18, Lake R 18, Wild AXE 28, BadAxE8, Lake BXe8, Bad Lake 18,


Central has had a difficult season this season. But the Wolves repaid themselves for staying strong by slipping into the win column last week. This week brings another daunting task. Were it not for Dows stunning comeback against Bay City Western, the Chargers would have lost four games to teams with a combined 27-1 record. Central would like to show it can compete with a team like Dow, but it will take putting in. Dow 34, Central 20: Dow 33, Dow 32,


Western came into this season with lofty goals that few believed were achievable. It's now apparent that the SVL North title hopes are real. The Warriors are playing at an unbelievable level against a team of go-getters. They will win this game if they play close to the way they did in Midland. Mount Pleasant will not let that stop it. The No. 3-ranked Oilers are one of only two undefeated teams in Division 3 and havent lost to Western since 2012. A victory gives Mount Pleasant at least a share of the league title. Bay City Western 29, Mount Pleasant 28, Bay County Western 29


No team played last week, so both should be ready for this clash. The Cougars may need this one to reach their playoff goal, but dont expect it to be easy. Merritt has only won one game on the field in two years, but the Mustangs have played a far tougher schedule and may be better than their record suggests. All Saints is on a high alert. Merritt 36, All Saints 32, Merrirt 35,


The Ogemaw Heights schedule just doesnt ease up. The Falcons are a team from the rugged Northern Michigan Football League Legends Division, which sends slews of powerhouses their way. Und when the week began, they added Gladwin, an undefeated player, to the list. So the Falcons arent afraid of a challenge and are not afraid to fight. The same can be said of Grayling, which was once the W-P and CMU standout Eric Tunney. Get ready for a physical fight. Grayling 20, Ogemaw 12

SHEPHERD (3-4) at PINCONNING (1-6) at SHOPHER D (3-4) SHEPSHERR (3-3-5) at CHIEF (3+4)

Just when it seemed like the schedule for Pinconning was getting easier, it has yet another hot team to contend with. Shepherd has had its moments this season, but the Bluejays are coming off a strong performance and sweeping Harrison. Pinconning's job isn't easy, but the battle goes on. Shepherd 32, Pinconning 7


Standish-Sterling is always a tough team. But this years version has a certain inner strength. The Panthers have won three one-score games, and two of them were decided by 13 points or a loss. They understand how to fight from start to finish and they understand where to go. One more win gives Standish-Sterling a six-win improvement over last season, the biggest victory leap in program history. St. Louis 7 - Standish-Sterling 21, Stand-ishSternling 21 Standished-Scherling

JOHN GLENN (3-4) at SWAN VALLEY (3-4).

This is a matchup between two teams with the same names and not simply because they both carry Jon Hortons stamp. Horton is in his first year as Glenn's head coach after serving as defensive coordinator at Swan Valley, and it will be an emotional night for him. Brock Horton will not have to contend with his son, Brock, who isnt going to be in uniform this week, but he will be fighting against kids and coaches hunched over by him. And vice versa. Swan Valley 20, John Glenn 14

More Week 8 Predictions

Central Lake 40, Au Gres 44, Central Lac 40

Beal City 48, Roscommon 6

Cass City 28, Caro 8, Casia City, Cari 8

Genesee 44, Akron-Fairgrove 12, Akralon 12

Gladwin 17, Beaverton 6

Hale 38, Posen 18; Halen 38; Pose 18.

Whittemore-Prescott 24, Hillman 38, Whitmore 28

Houghton Lake 20, Leroy Pine River 18, Le Roy Pine Creek 18, Hroughtin Lake 20

Kingsley 49, Tawas 6 and Tawnae 52

St. Ignace 12, St Iscoda 22, Oscodama 21, St-Ignacy 12.

Sanford Meridian 12 Reese 30, Sanfield Meridian 30

Rogers City 30, Mio 28, Rogersville 30, Moo 30,

Vassar 26, Unionville-Sebewaing 26, Vasar 12, Uniontown-Kebwangay 26, Sebewaning 27, Vashar 12

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