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Jackson night club shooting victims testify at a court hearing

Jackson night club shooting victims testify at a court hearing

Kozeta Arnold thought she heard fireworks at first, but without hearing aids, she thought it was just a blip.

Arnold said, I heard pop, pop, but I didnt know what it was until I was hit.

Arnold, 67, was one of three people shot at The Foundry nightclub in Jackson on July 18. Arnold was a member of the group. She was struck by a bullet in her right leg.

Trashawn Johnson, 24, was charged with second-degree murder in the shooting of Tra Shawn Arnold, who testified before Jackson District Judge Joseph Filip on Oct. 13. The man was later transferred to circuit court following a preliminary examination where Arnold testifies before Joseph Filipino, Jackson's district judge.

0 3 people are injured, including one critical, after a shooting in 'a parking lot outside Jackson night club', police say. One person is seriously hurt, and one is critically ill, according to the police.

Two other men pulled out handguns and shot at the victim, police believed, and they concluded a fight with he male victim had begun in the parking lot. Three people were wounded in the shooting: a 29-year-old male victim, and two women.

Madison Whiting, 24, was one of those victims who was at The Foundry that night to celebrate her sisters 30th birthday, she testified.

Whiting, who appeared in the courtroom with a severe limp caused by her injury that night, said she immediately took cover when she heard the first gunshot. A second bullet struck her in the upper right leg.

Whiting testified, I just (sat) there, saying, Im hit, help me.

Neither Whiting nor Arnold testified that they knew Johnson or anyone else involved in the shooting that night. Both women would spend the next week in the hospital.

After reviewing surveillance footage taken that night, defense attorney Kareem Johnson argued that the footage appeared to show the 29-year-old victim throwing the first punch that ultimately led to the shooting, as well as reaching toward his waist.

Kareem Johnson said the waist is a prominent feature because people often carry guns there.

Filip responded and denied a request to lower the charge of assault with intent to do great bodily harm less than murder. Filip said even if the victim threw the first punch, the video shows him running away after the shooter pulled out his gun.

Filip explained, "If you pull out a gun after grabbing sneezing, youve intended to bear the consequences of what that gun does."

Sgt. Sam Sukovich of the Jackson County Sheriffs Office testified to reviewing surveillance footage and finding that the shooter s clothing was compatibly with clothes found at Johnson's residence. The clothing in question, which includes a black hooded-sweatshirt with 'Nike' on it, black jeans, and black shoes with yellow trim, has since been confiscated by police.

Trashawn Johnson, who was in a line-up, was also identified as another woman who testified to meeting 'Trey' shortly before the shooting. However, the woman admitted to being heavily drunk the night of the shooting, and later testified to feeling pressured by police to identify the accused.

Johnson will appear before Jackson Circuit Judge Susan Gordon at an yet-to-be-determined time.

He is accused of a total of nine charges, including three counts of assault with intent to murder and four counts felony firearms, as well as single counts for carrying.a concealed weapon and possession of firearm by sex offender.

The maximum sentence for assault with intent to murder is life in prison.

Johnson is currently in the Livingston County Jail on a previous firearm charge.

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