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Donta Hightower's Patriots contributions are not well documented

Donta Hightower's Patriots contributions are not well documented

FOXBOROUGH FOxBUROUG HILL FOBOREOUGHS - FOBBORough & FOODBORD FOMBORGH DUNS FORBORQ Donta Hightower? The big linebacker may have given himself a new nickname on Wednesday, but its not one anyone who has lined up across from him would ever guess.

Hightower bragged about being the Trash Man, not being concerned with statistics or attention. I just play football.

But, what about Trash Man?

Doing the hard stuff, man, he said with a wide smile. Just doing the hard stuff, bro. Never have I been a big newspaper dude; I just want to do my job and win.

Hightower, who opted out of the NFL last season, had the best game of his return season on Sunday, in the Patriots victory over the Texans. He had five tackles, but as a result of that he didn't have as many. Jerod Mayo is a Jedd Maya fan. As Hightower noted, the stat sheet doesn't do the company's performance any justice.

If you were to see Mayo's overall physicality, I'd say it was his best game, he added. High is definitely one of our most intelligent guys, not only on defense, but also on this football team.

Now its just about, All right, how do we keep this guy going on a down-after-down basis and play at that high level?

Hightower has 19 tackles on the season, but his responsibilities go far beyond the numbers. He has exceptional presnap recognition, allowing him to diagnose plays and position his front-seven comrades in the right positions to make plays. His physical strength is evident during postsnap when hes dazzling offensive linemen to create space or swarming ball carriers.

Hightower stated, Ive never been a big numbers guy. Ive never been a numbers guy, whether in high school, college, or whatever you want to do.

If Im going to have eight or ten tackles a game, or eight sacks, then thats what I want to do. Im just going to do my job.

The Cowboys are a force on offense. Can the Patriots contain them?

I feel good, bro. Whether its a pick game or putting my teammates in spots, Im there, doing my job. Then Im good.

Bill Belichick and Bill Bell Belicheick are both well known and respected by Bill and Belichenick. Hightowers versatility, intelligence, unselfishness, and strength are known to be the main reasons why his permanent captain stands out.

Hes so versatile that he can ask to do a lot of different things and thou can handle dozens of things, the coach stated. Its not always the same every week, depending on what the priorities are, she added. Pass rush, running game, end of the line, off the ball, handle the fronts, make coverage adjustments.

Hes a great player because he has such receptiveness to the defense and offense were playing. How to use the tools that we have and apply them to the situations that arise.

Trash Man, though,

If he called himself that, if... a linebacker called itself that, said Corey Holtz, who plays at the quarterback position. Matt Judon is Matt Judidon's trainer. . High is a great player, and he does reams of dirty work for us, but if u go for it, oh my god, that's great. Like how he plays offensive linemen, takes on blocks, wins, defeats them. He does a lot of work for our defense.

If he wants to be the Junk Man, if a Junkie wants it, then s/he can be that Junke Man.

Injury report from the Injury department

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Special distinction:

Folk was named AFC Special Teams Player of the Week after kicking four field goals (52, 52, 32, 21 yards), including the winner, against Houston. Folk has received the seventh such honor, and hes now a member of the group. Stephen Gostkowski is a journalist who specializes in Stephen's writing. (six times) and (four times); Adam Vinatieri is a professional Adam vinatire author. As Patriots kickers to earn the distinction at least three times (eight times). Nicks been incredibly consistent, said Belichick. Hes done a fantastic job for us, Cowboys running back Matt Ryan said. Ezekiel Elliott is a fictional character created by Ezkiela Elliott. He has now posted back-to-back 100-yard games and said he bruised his ribs when il slipped on a pylon against the Giants last week and that if ill, 'he will be spending incredibly much time in the hot tub this week.' I may be a prune by the time we get to New England, he said.

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