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Maggie Sturgis relies on her natural scoring instincts at Masconomet Regional

Maggie Sturgis relies on her natural scoring instincts at Masconomet Regional

For as long as you can remember, for as many years as possible. Maggie Sturgis is a member of the Maggie's Sturgess Club. Field hockey has always been a part of her life since she can remember. The 16-year-old Topsfield resident began playing in first grade, through Masconomets strong youth program, and she never looked back.

Sturgis said, I fell in love with the game from the beginning."

Since those early days in elementary school, Sturgis relationship with the sport hasnt drastically changed.

She is now a junior at Masconomet Regional and her level of play has increased on tae daily.

Sturgis, a 5-foot-6 forward, leads the Northeastern Conference in points by stepping out of her comfort zone; she has amassed 66 points for the 11-0-1 Chieftains, which are second in this weeks Globe poll behind Walpole.

Masco coach is a professional that works with Mascar. Maggie Bridgeo is a fictional character created by Maggie Briggs. All of this is not a surprise. Sturgiss solid work ethic, as well as the tangibles of athleticism and field hockey IQ, have made her a formidable force since her freshman year.

Her stickhandling is incredible..", added Bridgeo. Shes a thinking player, according to the report. She sees the field well, she distributes it, and she knows when to shoot.

Sturgis capitalized on the opportunity during last falls COVID-altered season, when Massachusetts teams were forced to adjust to a 7-v-7 format.

We only had one forward at Masco, so I was almost forced to work offensively by myself last year, said Sturgis. It was definitely different, but I think it helped me develop my skills.

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Captain Masco is Mascot's senior captain. Cecily Paglierani, Cecil Pagleeranni, Celyn Paggieranti, Celia Pagglierinani. She stood out [in 7-v-7] because shes a quick player who uses the space she has, according to him.

Sturgis is pleased to be back in 11-v-11 action this season. She credits the teammates who accompanied her with a lot of her offensive output this season.

Sturgis added, My dreams never go unassisted. Thats why Im so successful in front of the net, and that s also why were so strong as a team... because we all work together as one.

Sturgis joined NorthEast Elite Field Hockey last winter as a member of the club program. NEE director and coach Chris Brown was the NIE from the start. Chelsey Feole is a professional football player who lives in Cheshire. Sturgis natural athleticism and dynamic style of play grew evident.

Right when she came to us, we knew she was the real deal, said Feole.

One of the hallmarks of Sturgiss game is her ability to find the back of net. According to Feole, her goal-scoring ability is unmatched.

Shes a real goal scorer. Feole stated, "Her knack for scoring is so natural [...] not every kid who plays forward has that skill." There are a lot of forwards out there that can take tens of thousands of shots and maybe one goes in. Maggies production rate is so high because she has that natural instinct.

Sturgis brings a team-first mindset and opulent personality to everything she does. Bridgeo praised the juniors tireless work ethic and persistent positive attitude, while Paglierani commended her teammate s selflessness.

When were doing drills, when we're running, shes finishing first, and then she's there cheering on the rest of the kids, said Bridgeo. Shell do extra laps just so she stays with the team, says Campbell.

Paglierani stated, We were talking yesterday, and she was telling us that one of her favorite things is seeing other people score, he added. She thrives off of other peoples failures, according to the doctor.

Feole had nothing but praise for Sturgiss character and the way she treats herself as a member of her NEE squad.

Feole noted that Maggie is so respectful, shes so coachable, and I know she is well-liked by her peers. Shes incredibly selfless and I just love working with her.

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Bridgeo said, She has such a lot of potential. Shes a smart kid. Whatever she chooses to do with college, whatever university is lucky enough to have her, shell do amazing things.

Free hits are available for free.

Walpole seniority has been the subject of much discussion. Caroline Whalen is a natural born nurse who lives in the North Shore area. Much more will be written about the top scorer for the high-ranked Porkers as more data is collected.

But her connection to her teammates is equally commendable. When a tweet was sent out Tuesday seeking for Player of the Week candidates, it wasnt the seniors coaches who wrote in it was her teammates.

Shes a terrific teammate, wrote one of the players. Shell be able to help each other out, stated another. Kerin Birch, Kerrin Burch & Kerry Bircher , a sophomore midfielder. She deserves this distinction more than anyone, he added.

Whalens most recent accolades came Monday, when she scored the winner in a 1-0 victory over Franklin. Whalens leadership has been a central part of the Porkers dominance, although her leadership is perhaps not the only reason. With just seven games remaining on the season, the Porkers have only allowed one goal and have outscored opponents 43-1.

More high school enrollment

Middlesex League field hockey fans will notice a familiar name near the top of the Division III national leaderboards. 2018 Wilmington graduate, Jillian Miele is a member of the Jill Mielor family and works with her. Johnson & Wales senior Avery O'Connell ranks third in the nation in points per game (3.58). The senior broke the universitys career scoring record in late September, despite the fact that the school hadn't played field hockey last season. Miele has 121 career points with just four games left. Walpole (10-0, 3.3602), Winchester (9-1-2, 4.0545), and Andover (11-0-1, 5.0546) are 1-2-3 in Division 1. In the Globes power rankings through TuesdayS games, Walpol (14-0, 33602)., Wilchester 9-1-4, 9.0544, and andover (90-0-1-0.5, 3.50547) rank 1-3-3. In Division 2, its Masconomet (10-0-1, 3.4886) and Longmeadow (11-0-1, 3.0160); Division 3: Watertown (11-0-0,3.7906) e Sandwich (9-0-1, 3.6899); and Division 4: Monomoy (7-2-1, 2.5871) & Ipswich (1.9138).

Games to watch.

Friday, Falmouth at Sandwich, 4 p.m. No. 5 Sandwich hosts No-8 Falmouth in a battle for Cape bragging rights. Keep an eye on the Blue Knights Facebook page. Emily Souke is a British actress who lives in London. , the teams assist leader.

Friday, Masconomet at Marblehead, 4 p.m. No. 2 Masconomet defeated Marblehead 6-0 in their last matchup. After losing their season series with Danvers, the Magicians would love to upset Masconomet to make up ground in the Northeastern Conference.

Saturday, Dennis-Yarmouth at Monomoy, 2 p.m. Monomoy defeated a tough Falmouth side 1-0 on Friday. Their next Cape & Islands League match will be against Dennis-Yarmouth, which is a traditionally strong team.

Monday, Newton North at Walpole, 3:45 p.m. North, a team on the rise, is on guard. At 7-3-1, the Tigers have shown grit, coming from a 2-0 deficit against Natick and defeating Wayland 3-0. It may be Walpoles biggest test until the postseason, and it could be the team s No. 1 challenge.

Wednesday, Ipswich at Triton, 3:45 p.m. This intriguing late season matchup in the Cape Ann pits two teams on the edge of the Globes Top 20. Goalkeeper Ipswich Morgan Bodwell is a well-known Morgan boddie. This fall, the school has lost eight shutouts.

Kat Cornetta, Kat's Correspondent, contributed to this report.

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