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Vigil held for Alabama police officer fighting for life against COVID in Alabama

Vigil held for Alabama police officer fighting for life against COVID in Alabama

The Hanceville community is praying for a local police officer whose COVID-19-related health complications have him fighting for life after battling the illness for several years.

Kevin Pounders, a four-year veteran of the force and an officer with .24- year career in law enforcement in north Alabama, remains in critical condition at UAB, where police officials said he was unconscious and on resuscitation as of late Wednesday.

According to Hanceville police chief Bob Long, Pounders first developed a viral infection about october. He appeared to be in full recovery after taking time off from work, but his condition worsened again, resulting in his admission to UAB.

He got sick one weekend and missed a day or two of work, Long said. He tried to come back and work again, but still felt sick, and ended up going for a [COVID-19] test and ending up in the hospital.

He was doing pretty well at the time, and he actually thought if He could come home, a little bit better. But then his health took a turn for the worse, and his condition hasn't improved since. Hes in a life support machine and coma, and is in an inducible induced koma.

Friends, family, community members, and fellow officers met at Hancevilles Veterans Park on Tuesday to hold an evening candlelight vigil to pray for Pounders recovery.

Long, who was present at the vigil, added, It was a very positive response from the community. Some of his family spoke, and one of him friends spoke. James Fields and [council member] Jimmy Sawyer also spoke, and both prayed. We had eight patrol cars on the back side of the pond with their lights on, reflecting across the water, as well as the fire department with a big American flag hanging off the ladder. Everyone brought a candle and went around the track for the candlelight vigil, said the chief executive of the organization.

Pounders had approximately a decade of law enforcement experience in and around Jefferson County before joining the force at Hanceville approximately four years ago, according to Long. After starting out on patrol, Pounders joined the departments investigative team, where he has worked for the last two years.


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