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Alabama boy and his lustrous locks make top 2 in the USA Mullet Championships

Alabama boy and his lustrous locks make top 2 in the USA Mullet Championships

Ezra Cramer of Alabama took second place in the kids division of the USA Mullet Championships 2021, beating out Alabamas Ezeri Cramaer.

Ezra, a second-grader at Fairview Elementary School in Cullman County, received 24,279 votes in the contest, which asked the public to vote for their favorite online.

Allan Baltz of Jonesboro, Arkansas, was declared the winner on Wednesday with a total of 25,178 votes. Hell receive a $2,500 prize, as well as bragging rights, and braille. Denver Jobe of Knoxville, Tennessee, took third place with 9,421 votes.

The voting for the kids division took place October 5-11 on the USA Mullet Championships website. Theres a teen division of the contest, as well, and two adult divisions: the MenS Open and the Femullet Division for women. (See the full list of winners and the top three finalists in each division here.)

This year, the kids competition was a huge success, as relatives, friends, community members, and more cheered on 25 of the finalists. Each of the boys in the top two outpaced the other contestants in all four divisions by a number of thousand votes. Clint Duncan of Tennessee, the Mens Open winner, received 17,534 votes.

Ezra, 7, had an extra dimension to his campaign, advocating for a Shake the Hate platform to combat bullying. The boy, whos had long, curly hair for most of his childhood, knows what itll be like to be subjected to unkind remarks and social pressure.

Kaleigha Moore Cramer, Ezras mom, told that "hed dealt with bullying his entire life." A lot of the bullying has come from adults, he added. One child at school was very persistent with him. We sat down with Ezra and had some real-life conversations. One of the things we talked about was, You can be you. Wear what you want to. Just be your normal self. Because of it, his confidence has grown.

As he shared the news about Shake the Hate, Ezra also raised $610 for Stomp Out Bullying, a non-profit organization that seeks to reduce and prevent bullying, cyberbullying and other forms of digital abuse.

In a Facebook video posted by his father, Eric Cramer, C Ramer thanked everyone for voting for Shake the Hate. Im so happy I got second place, and congratulations, Alan, for getting first. Congratulations for... Denver, for taking third place, and I hope everyone has a wonderful day. So, we just hope that everyone has a wonderful time and obedient lives. Shake the Hate, too.

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