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The US Imposes Visa Sanctions On China For Actions Against Hong Kong

The US Imposes Visa Sanctions On China For Actions Against Hong Kong

The United States imposes visa sanctions against several Chinese representatives for actions against Hong Kong, according to a written statement released on Friday by us Secretary of state Mike Pompeo.

According to him, "the President [of the USA Donald] Trump [previously] promised to punish officials of the Communist Party of China (CPC) responsible for emasculating Hong Kong's freedoms." "Today we are taking action to implement this," the US Foreign Policy Chief said.

As he claimed, the CPC has stepped up efforts to "undermine the high degree of autonomy of Hong Kong." Beijing continues to take steps that contradict The joint Sino-British Declaration on the transfer of Hong Kong. "At the same time, Beijing continues to undermine human rights and fundamental freedoms in Hong Kong by exerting pressure on local authorities to arrest pro-democracy activists and disqualify Pro-democracy candidates for election," Pompeo said.

"Today, I am announcing visa restrictions on current and former CPC officials who are allegedly responsible for undermining or implicating Hong Kong's high degree of autonomy, as well as human rights and fundamental freedoms in Hong Kong. These restrictions may also apply to family members of such individuals," the chief of American diplomacy stressed. He did not specify how many Chinese citizens fell under the current restrictions.

Pompeo added that Washington calls on Beijing to "respect the obligations" set out in the said Declaration. For the US, maintaining a high degree of autonomy for Hong Kong is a matter of "fundamental importance," the Secretary of state warned. "The United States," Pompeo said, "will continue to examine its existing authority to take action on existing concerns."

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