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Bryan Harsin discusses the Arkansas offense, Auburn defense, and early kickoffs on Tiger Talk

Bryan Harsin discusses the Arkansas offense, Auburn defense, and early kickoffs on Tiger Talk

Despite last weeks 34-10 loss to Georgia at Jordan-Hare, Auburn can still win the SEC West. Tigers first-year head coach Bryan Harsin and his team are reminding fans that any chance to advance to the championship game must be taken in the face of No. 17 Arkansas. The game will kick off at 11 a.m. on the road.

Harsin took time on Wednesday to talk with Andy Burcham and Brad Law for his weekly appearance on the Tiger Talk show.

Here are some of the highlights of Harsins appearance.

Harsin said the team's practice had gone well so far.

Its been a great year. We put the Georgia game away well. We were looking at what we did well and what wasnt.

Then going out there and just being able to work on some of those things and let some young guys get after the game a little bit, let the older guys run and do some conditioning, and then come back together and start focusing on Arkansas, which theyve been doing. Tuesday and Wednesday went well.

The answer is the things that we do in practice; we had to carry that over to the games, and thats always been the message; Ill continue to be it. We've got to have a great practice tomorrow and one on Friday, finish out this week and be ready for the game on Saturday.

Harsin on the tough tests in the SEC.

Every week its more of a game against you. How do you improve your service? How do you do things at a higher level? And as the season progresses, your opponents matters, youre going to see exactly where you play, and some of that hype surrounding the game, it all matters it's all factors. But, in reality, you'll have to focus on your standard throughout the season and how you will follow it. I dont believe thats the best way to help yourself as a football player or as coach if your drive is driven by who you play.

It doesnt matter who you are; you can be the number one team in the country and win.

You can go play a team that isnt ranked and you can lose, and thats the reality of every week in college football and football in general.

It all comes down to whats the standard at which youre attempting to compete each day so you can play at that level when you go out there and compete in that matchup.

Arkansas plays fast on offense, according to Harsin.

I believe that they dont just play fast, but they do play physically, and thats one of the things with the team; itll be a no-huddle team unless youre going to be that physicality, which we do, so we have that mentality.

I think Arkansas' entire team has a work ethic and blue-collar attitude, and it's hard to see that when they play.

We saw that last game when theyre able to score points. You can see the two sides of that, however, as theyve struggled against Georgia, which most teams that are very good have as well. So, theyre all things that could go, and we had to be in the right place.

When youre in your written play on the defensive side tempo, its a factor, but it can also be incredibly valuable to you, because they can work three plays quickly and see if you're playing good defense and are in the right position to make the play.

-- Harsin on defensive line depth against Arkansas no-huddle offense --

Depth is important, conditioning is crucial, but its really toughness; it's mental toughiness. Youre on the field, and you're not going to be able to sub when theyve gone so fast. So those guys have to stay in their play.

Why would you want to come off the field as a competitor? So, at some point, you had to be ready to go, and you needed to have the mental strength to play fast and the next play, but heres the reality, theyre tired as well.

If youre feeling tired, theyll be tired as well. Its not like theyre more conditioned than we are, you know. Its just a mentality issue, theyre trying to attack on offense, and youve got to have the same mindset on defense.

-- How to avoid the early start?

Have yourself ready to play Lets go through our walkthroughs, but start small. Be the team when we step on the field that has the most energy, the greatest enthusiasm to play, and is ready to go play four quarters of football.

And when opportunities arise to make plays as making, you know, I believe that we may. I believe those are the keys. Besides the turnovers, running the football, and tackling, there are also all the other things.

You're ready to go and be excited about playing and being excited for the early game and ready for four quarters and feeling strong, the whole game.

Nubyjas Wilborn is an Auburn beat reporter for Alabama Media Group. Follow him on Twitter at @nwilborn19

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