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Mother in shock after police fatally shot son

Mother in shock after police fatally shot son

Patrick Chins mother is proud of the achievements her son made.

He and his partner purchased a house during the coronavirus epidemic in idyllic Hillsborough and then got married in June. His mother told NJ Advance Media that he had a good job in the pharmaceutical industry at age 43 and that money was not hampered by his job. Things seemed to be going as expected.

Thats why, according to his mother, she is in disbelief over what happened on Sept. 28, when Hillsborough police shot him dead in his home after responding to a 911 call to check on his wellbeing.

Ann Chin, 74, said by phone that Patterson died in the happiest state of his life when she spoke. Its so hard for us to accept it, she added. I didnt even know whats bothering him.

The office of Andrew Bruck, New Jerseys acting Attorney General, which is overseeing an investigation into the shooting, has released a few details about what happened between Patrick Chin and police officers inside his Piedmont Path home. Chin was not identified as being armed or what triggered the shooting, according to authorities. They haven't identified the officers involved.

Chins mother believes there was a mistake made somewhere. Someone made a mistake, messed with judgment, or something. I just cant understand how someone went into the house and opened fire.

The Hillsborough Police Department declined to comment, referring queries to the Attorney Generals Office, which declined comment due to an ongoing investigation.

A woman at Chins house last week declined to speak to a reporter.

According to Patrick Chin's mother, he grew up in a wealthy family. His parents, Taiwanese immigrants, both came to the United States as graduate students. He was born in 1978 in New Mexico, where his father worked as an engineer.

Patrick's older brother, Victor, was also close as a child, and the pair were close. He loved his brother and he worshipped his father incredibly, their mother said.

Patrick graduated from Voorhees high school in Voorie, Pennsylvania, after a brief stay in Pennsylvania.

Academically, he performed very, very well, said his mother, who now lives in Hainesport. All the teachers, they all liked him, he said.

He went on to Rutgers, where he studied biology and computer science, and then found a job at Merck. He worked there until a few years ago when he was sacked as part of restructure. According to his mother, he quickly secured a job at Bristol Myers Squibb, which rivals him.

He went to college to complete his degree and met his partner a few years ago in North Brunswick. They bought their first home together last year, a corner house in secluded surroundings where neighbors said people socialize and most everyone is pleasant, and moved into it over the course of yew months.

They had originally planned to get married in 2020, but the epidemic forced them to postpone it. In June, they tied the knot at the Oakeside Mansion in Bloomfield, where they were greeted by a warm reception.

The wedding was so beautiful, his mother recalls. It started to rain. But by the time the ceremony began, it had stopped. The wedding was absolutely perfect.

Ann Chin said the couple went to Hawaii after their honeymoon. They had the most beautiful pictures, said OBrien.

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