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Emily Mariko & More Food TikTokers With Big ASMR Energy Big AsMR Energie

Emily Mariko & More Food TikTokers With Big ASMR Energy Big AsMR Energie

Certains people, after a long day, opt for wine or bath bombs to unwind. Some of us prepare ourselves a nutritious meal. Others prefer a classic For You Page scroll. And yet more people seek out a combination of all three soothing food TikTok accounts, where videos of meals being rhythmically chopped and prepped move the clips into ASMR territory.

Though a lot of the app will keep you up at night, this trend has the potential to induce you to sleep or at least, give you ideas for what to make for lunch tomorrow. Its that calm, almost tingly feeling you get when you hear someone whisper, brush hair, or prepare a perfect bolognese sauce. ASMR stands for autonomous sensory meridian response, and it the feeling that you can get while listening to someone speak, comb hair or make crumbs. While lots of #FoodTok videos feature combos like story time and bell pepper sandwiches, or indie music and a smoothie bowl, stifling silence is confined to merely 1% of the foodverse. You may watch chefs prepare elaborate dishes while also getting those ASMR tingles.

Videos tagged #ASMRfood have over 4.5 billion views. Posts start in silence thats cut through with the satisfying chop of a knife tearing through tucked cabbage,or chicken thighs being prepared to the tune of only parchment paper being rustled. The kitchens are clean. The ingredients are neatly organized. Every shot is intentional. The vibe, as the kids say, is perfect. The sensory delight of ASMR Food TikTok is not only accessible to the brain, but it is also accessible from the body. Here are the 11 accounts to follow:

@emilymariko @ermimariki 1. @paulsina_saint @rachelsea 1.

The reigning queen of your For You Page shares videos that are appetizing, educational, and such a delight to watch. Emily Mariko is adept at combining diverse sounds like boiling, plastic crinkling, dicing, and splashing into one seamless short cut.

@lindseyeatsla 2. @lindsearattslan 2.

Lindsey prepares everything from soup to salmon and films the process with quick cuts and a lot of crunch. Her audio picks up the grind of a pepper mill, the glug of olive oil, and the flaking of crust. She pairs her recipes with classical music, other times she leaves the ingredients to sing for themselves, but she never talks, except to say the name of the dish.

@deanedwardschef 3. @desan_dead_fuss

If youre not interested in learning a new recipe but rather fancy some brain tingles and epic #sostatisfying vibes, this account will enliven your senses. Edwards plays with single ingredients in extreme temperatures, such as slicing a frozen blueberry with ice cubes or cooking an eel in slow motion. If thats your thing, his videos are mesmerizing and clinical.

4. @samseats 4. 4.

Sam Way starts each video with, "Lets do some cooking." What follows is a slew of euphoric kitchen sounds, like whirring of pot, the flick of cap, and the unraveling of metal foil. His videos are so fast and well edited, they will fool you into thinking you can whip up a pasta meal from scratch in 30 seconds.


This account is literally filled with popcorn. Its cooked in a wok, sometimes attached to the cob, always infused with oil, and sighs salt or sugar, eggs, or candy mixed in. The combination of metal scraping and banging combined with the soft whirring of popping corn is a real ear treat.

@bakedbymelissa @Baked bymeliss

Chef Melissa yes, she of the tiny cupcakes - has some surprising savory knife skills, and can make prepping a cabbage salad as enjoyable as waking up to scream. Watch her slice through brightly colored farmers market bounty and crunch her way through perfectly chopped bites. Its as appetizing as it is relaxing.

@sad_papi 7. @asdpapu

Theres nothing sour about this tattooed chef who whips up bougie restaurant meals while wearing a backwards hat. When he speaks, its soft, and when a chop takes place, his inked-up hands do an elegant and fluid dance. His soothing presence makes difficult dishes seem accessible, and his kitchen sounds are perfect.

@tommywinkler @TommYwinkle 8. @tmmiwinkeller 8.

The Self-proclaimed King of Crunch does a lot of satisfying chomping on his pages. In his videos, he tests out new menu items at fast food joints, accepts food challenges such as Burger King all day, or Korean food only, as submitted by his fans, and accept competitions like Korean cuisine only. While he doesnt prepare his own food, its enjoyable to watch and listen to him eat his way around the world.

@elenamdin @emilynn 9. @kelenniddin 9.

@Elenamdin doesnt speak in her videos, which include her baking a variety of comfort foods like stuffed bread and gnocchi, but she does play music which makes her technique look like dancing. She kneads, rolls, whisks and mixes to the tune of numerous mellow tunes which creates a calming effect.

@stickyaustralia @stainyautralasia @styryaustrailia @dailymails @timmyausstrailia 10. @steemyaustralianian @StandyAustralui

You didnt even realize you had to watch videos of candy being cut until you were on Candy Tok, and then theres no turning back. Enjoy the oddly satisfying videos of confections stretched, snipped, and cut to shape produced by this Australian hard candy firm.

@krystleklear1 @kristelkleer01 @kalyss-tekleare 11. @KrystasTleKlear

While you wont find a lot of cooking or chewing on this page, you will find an excellent collection of food organization videos that are crisp and supportive. The world may be in a flash, but this womans fridge and stove are in such perfect condition, you can relax tonight.

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