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Sharon Murphy & Simon Monjack's Relationship Is Explored In A New Document

Sharon Murphy & Simon Monjack's Relationship Is Explored In A New Document

Brittany Murphy, the Clueless actor's younger sister, was found dead on Dec. 20 in her Hollywood Hills home of pneumonia and anemia, aged 32. What Happened, Brittany Murphy?, HBO Maxs new two-part documentary, retraces her career, Hollywood struggles, and the many rumors and conspiracy theories surrounding her sudden death. One of the most intriguing aspects it examines is the relationship between Brittany's mom, Sharon, and her husband Simon Monjack. Despite the fact that the documentary doesnt state any details about their relationship, several people speculated that they were romantically involved.

Sharon and Brittany Bertolotti split when Britany was just a baby and raised her largely on her own. Brittany was a teen and the two moved to California to pursue an acting career when she was in her teens. Brittany found success in films such as 8 Mile and Clueless, and was romantically linked to several celebrities, including Ashton Kutcher and producer Joe Macaluso. She met British writer-director-photographer Simon Monjack at a party in 2006 and they married at her home in LA. In the documentary, Brittanys family allege that Monjack soon took control of Britany's life and career, confiscating her phone, taking control over her finances, and firing her entire team so he could manage her himself.

Brittany, Sharon, and Monjack all lived in the same Hollywood Hills mansion during all of this. Brittany was found on the bathroom floor on Dec. 20, 2009. Sharon found Britsany on her bed. She called 911, but Brittany was pronounced dead at the hospital.

Monjack and Sharon continued to live in the same house together after the death of Brittany. Monjack and Sharon slept in the same bed after Brittany died, according to sources close to the pair, including a Radar Online reporter who interviewed Mon Jack at home. Even more perplexing is a photo shoot they conducted after Brittanys death, which featured them holding hands and looking into each other s eyes in several photos. One insider claims in What Happened, Brittany Murphy, that they looked like parents grieving as opposed to a husband and his mother-in-law.

On top of that, the pair gave a somewhat unorthodox joint interview to Larry King in 2010 in which they both appeared unprepared. Brittany told Sharon, "Mom, I'm dying," and she was utterly shocked. I love you at some point before her death. Sharon stated, This was about an hour before, King asked. Monjack came in. No, no, baby, this was you've forgotten time, he told Sharon. Monjack then told King that he didnt want to perform an autopsy on Brittanys body because, this perfectly curvy body, with skin like silk, and curving in all the right places... How could I possibly say Cut it up in front of her mother?

Monjack and Sharon were romantically involved, or at least not strictly platonic, according to theories. Sharon denied the disgusting rumor to People, saying she and Monjack were close friends and family and that to claim they were anything more than that was awful and ridiculous.

In March 2010, E! reported that Monjack and Sharon were moving out of LA and sharing custody of Brittanys dog. "I decided to return to my New York apartment as I had intended with Brittany," Monjack said. "Sharon said she's always loved New York, but LA is just too painful for her to handle; would I mind if she moved as well?" Of course, I don't... However, I should point out that we will be keeping separate offices."

Monjack told People on May 14, 2010 that he planned to take Sharon to Europe while working on a new project. He stated, Of course, Ill take her with me I cant leave her. Sharon's son Monjack, who was found dead in his LA home on May 23, 2010, was pronounced dead on the spot. Just like with Brittany, his cause of death was acute pneumonia and severe anemia.

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