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7 home security tips for apartment dwellers on how to protect themselves in their own home

7 home security tips for apartment dwellers on how to protect themselves in their own home

Burglaries are often crimes of opportunity, in which thieves seek for the quickest or easiest homes to target. However, protecting apartments may be a bit different from protecting houses. They usually have fewer entry points, but foot traffic right outside the front door makes it easier for burglars to enter and leave without highlighting themselves.

Here are a few practical tricks to keep your apartment safe from burglars. Best of all, in many cases, these suggestions are inexpensive and easy to implement.

Choose your apartment carefully.

If you haven't yet moved into your apartment, the first step to a more secure unit is selecting the right one. Corner apartments on the ground floor are the most likely to be broken into, as they have two sides of exposure. If you're off the ground level and you have neighbors on either side, it means you only have to worry about two points of access: your front door and possibly a window if you don't have blaze escapes.

Think like a burglar.

One of the simplest methods to stop crimes of opportunity is to eliminate the opportunity. Keep your valuables hidden away from windows, as they may entice thieves to target your house. While you may not be able to see your television, you can shut your blinds down when you're away from home during the day, when burglars are more likely to strike.

You may also store valuables such as jewelry in books and safes. That way, if the worst happens and someone does get in, they will be unable to find items worth their time.

Install a security system to ensure that your property is protected.

One of the most effective deterrents against thieves is a home security system. With one of these, you'll get door/window sensors, motion sensors and many other security gadgets that can alert you to intruders. If you have professional monitoring, your system will even contact the authorities on your behalf if you choose.

DIY home security systems come with all the tools you need while also allowing for scalability in the event that you require more equipment in future. We've compiled a list of the best security systems specifically for renters. These devices are designed for smaller areas like apartments and when you don't want to drill into walls or doorframes. Here are some of the most popular ones.

When it comes to choosing a home security system, make sure it includes cellular and battery backup in the event of an internet or power outage.

Read more: 9 home security systems to keep a close eye on while you're out and about.

Buy a cheap camera and you'll be able to take pictures.

Even a single security device like octopus camera or $24 security camera can give your apartment that extra little measure of security without the expense of many full-fledged home security alternatives. The mere presence of a security camera in the window may be enough to discourage potential burglars from choosing your home.

Wireless video doorbells may also be helpful as a minor deterrent, and some businesses even sell peephole cameras -- proving to be incredibly useful for many apartments.

Looking for the best camera on a budget? Start by reading our guide to the best cheap home security cameras of the year. We also have recommendations for the best indoor, outdoor, and battery-powered security cameras. If security cameras aren't your thing, you can also use a smart lock for added security.

Use the buddy system to connect with other users.

If you can, try to befriend someone living in the same apartment complex. If you have a close friend or relative, they will work as well. You may work together to make sure the apartment is safe when the other is away. If they're your direct neighbor, they can even keep an eye out for unusual activity during the day or when you've been away.

Secure your windows.

When a potential burglar seeks to steal an apartment, they are searching for sane means of entry. The window is often the first place they test for a vulnerability. Window locks can be used to create a similar barrier of security.

If your landlord isn't happy with you adding locks to your windows, there are plenty of non-permanent and affordable solutions that accomplish the same thing. Window locks double as protection measures, preventing pets or young children from opening windows they shouldn't when you're not paying attention.

Check your renter's insurance to make sure it is in good standing.

Along with implementing these tips, be sure to have renter's insurance. Many apartments now require it before you may move in. However, if yours does not, purchasing a policy is straightforward and often surprisingly cheap. If you have an auto policy, you may even bundle it with your current insurance provider.

Renter's insurance covers items stolen from your apartment. When shopping for a policy, pay close attention to the personal property section. It includes which items the provider covers and the benefit amount. If you have valuables that exceed the benefit, increase coverage or ask your insurance carrier if there is a substitute policy.

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First published on April 28, 2021 at 8 a.m. EST.

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