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Check if your computer meets Microsoft's requirements for Windows 11 compatibility:

Check if your computer meets Microsoft's requirements for Windows 11 compatibility:

Windows 11 was released last week (here's our complete Windows11 review) and it posed a number of compatibility concerns. Since Microsoft released its first major Windows OS update in six years, compatibility has been on a lot of PC users' minds. According to a company blog post, Windows 11 should work with most computers. Although Windows 11's release date has come and gone, compatible devices won't get the upgrade yet -- Microsoft claims that you may have to wait until mid-2022 to download and install Windows 11.

Microsoft's own tool for determining device compatibility -- the PC Health Check app -- wasn't up to standard when Microsoft first announced Windows 11 (there were reports that it didn'' t tell people enough about why their devices weren't compatible), so the business temporarily shut down the app. But Microsoft's PC Health Check is now back online and in good working order. The app will tell you if your computer meets the requirements to run Windows 11 -- and, If your PC doesn't, the tool will explain why and provide links to additional support.

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But that isn't the only way to determine if your device will function with the free Windows 11 update. All of your options for checking Windows 11 device compatibility are listed below. It's a good idea to check your own computer before the Windows 11 release date (remember, however, that it'll be rolled out in stages). If your device doesn't meet eligibility criteria, you may have to replace your PC by 2025, as Microsoft will phase out Windows 10 over the next few years.

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Option 1: Use Microsoft's PC Health Check app to check if your computer can run Windows 11.

Follow these steps to determine if your PC meets the system requirements for Windows 11.

1 . Download Microsoft's PC Health Check. Open the file, accept the terms of service and click OK. Installer Install the following steps to install the installation procedure: . Make sure the box that says Open PC Health Check is checked. Click OK to complete the process. Finishing .

2 - 2 2 . The app home page that pops up says, "PC health at a glance." At the top, a box reads, "Introducing Windows 11". Click to go to the next page. Check this page now. .

If your computer isn't compatible, you'll get a message that says, "This computer does not currently meet Windows 11 system requirements," with more information below.

If your computer is compatible, you may download the Windows 11 update for free. The official Windows 11 release date was October 5, but Microsoft is planning a staggered rollout, and many devices won't get the upgrade until 2022.

Option 2: Download the WhyNotWin11 app to check Windows 11 compatibility.

An open-source program called WhyNotWin11 is a good alternative to the PC Health Check app. The Github app, created by a Microsoft non-affiliated developer, has fewer controls, but it should give you more information and explain various compatibility concerns in more detail. TechRadar has more information on how to assess your own device's compatibility with Windows 11. Here' s how you can do that using TechRanker to determine whether or not your device is compatible with the latest Windows 11 version.

Option 3: Check Microsoft's list of system requirements for Windows 11 as well.

To determine if your current PC will be able to run Windows 11, check out this list of system specifications on Microsoft's website, or the graph below. If your machine is compatible, you can download the Windows 11 update for free when it becomes available.

What are the system requirements to run Windows 11?

Here's the full list of system requirements for Windows 11, including at least 4GB of RAM, 64GB storage, and a 720p display that measures 9 inches diagonally.

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