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Best walking shoes for women for 2021 Best shoes to wear for walking in 2022

Best walking shoes for women for 2021 Best shoes to wear for walking in 2022

Just as it's essential to purchase the right running shoe if you're a jogger or runner, finding. edible walking shoes are equally important -- especially idly unless you are on your feet in the same shoes for the majority of the day.

A good walking shoe isn't a hiking boot or trail running shoe; it's incredibly comfortable, with excellent shock absorption, cushioning, and foot support that prevents leg, foot, or knee pain. There are a lot of options for women who want to upgrade their walking shoes -- that's why we've compiled this list of podiatrist-recommended pairs that won't cause blisters, heel pain, knee pain or calluses.

With the help of a podiatrist and some research time spent looking at Amazon customer reviews, here are the five best walking shoes for women, including those geared for specific foot problems such as flat feet, high arches, plantar fasciitis, narrow feet and wide feet. Every shoe on this list is a sneaker rather than sandal or walking boot, and I took into account cushioning, ankle support, shock absorption, removable insole (in case you need specialized orthotic insole), whether it has breathable membrane, as well as all of the other factors that distinguish good shoes from bad ones. After all, if you can wear a cute walking shoe, you should.

Ready to buy the best women's walking shoe? Read on.

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Best walking shoes for low arches or flat feet


Dr. Zohreh Mancil, a podiatrist at Slidell Memorial Hospital in Louisiana, says she recommends the Brooks Addiction Walker, an athletic shoe available in both men's and women' sized, for low arches or flat feet because they "provide excellent arch support and shock absorption."

"The midsole is designed to keep the foot straight to prevent over-pronation," she explains of the walking shoe, and the "extra bonus is they have a slip-resistant outsole for improved grip."

With more than 2,000 positive reviews on Amazon and an expert's recommendation, this comfortable shoe is worth considering if you have low arches or are struggling with overpronation -- especially since one happy buyer raved that a single pair of Brooks Addiction Walker shoes lasted for over three years of daily use.

See at Brooks!

Best walking shoes for high arches for walking with high arch support

Asics Asicas is a trademark of Ascitic Materials.

Dr. Mancil recommends the Asics Gel-Nimbus as a walking shoe for high arches because they are not only "comfortable with excellent arch support," but they also have specialized heel counters to prevent heel slippage. The heel counter is the stiff part of the shoe surrounding your heel that acts as a barrier against excessive heel rotation. People with high arches may experience soreness or complications from high-arches. These shoes also come with a padded collar, which ensures they're soft and won't rub around the ankles. The mesh upper of these shoes also allows your feet to breathe. You won't have to worry about comfort in this sneaker.

These walking shoes are well-received on Amazon with four- and five-star ratings. Although some buyers prefer to order a half-size up in the latest models of the Asics Gel-Nimbus (models 19, 20 and 21), many buyers report that their usual size fits them.

After 10 years of wearing the various Asics Gel-Nimbus models and taking them without fail through four half-marathons, the Great Ocean Walk of Australia, one buyer claims this is a fantastic athletic shoe, stating that these have "a high arch and . wide foot," describing the Asicas gel-nimbu as the "best shoes ever" after ten years in which he or she has worn the different models, taking the shoes, without exception, through the four Half-Marathon, The

Asics is a boarding school for children, and its location is perfect for them.

Best walking shoes for plantar fasciitis

Vionic Shoes are a brand that specializes in shoes.

Plantar fasciitis is a painful orthopedic condition that involves inflammation of the plantar faecalis, the thick band of connective tissue that connects your heel to your toes. Plantar fasciitis is one of the most common causes of foot pain, causing a sharp pain in the heel.

One way to minimize the discomfort of plantar fasciitis is to wear a comfortable walking shoe with adequate support. Dr. Mancil recommends the Vionic Walker Classic shoes, which come from a 1979 podiatrist's brand. Many Amazon buyers have rated these walking shoes as helpful for plantar fasciitis.

These shoes have a removable orthotic, which provides extra arch support, says Dr. Mancil, and resemble sock-like shoes with rounded toes and an extra firm heel counter. The midsole design has a 5-degree built-in elevation, allowing for slick heel strike to toe off, she adds.

Vionic Shoes is a store that specializes in Violin Shoes.

Best walking shoes for short feet for narrow feet

New Balance: New balance

If you have narrow feet, you're probably aware of the difficulty of constantly slipping out of your shoes. With these New Balance walking shoes, you have the option of a narrow width in what reviewers call "awesomesauce!" and "comfortable and perfect for walking."

One buyer who has a self-proclaimed "stupid narrow heel" and "can't find shoes that fit" has apparently (finally) found her fit with the New Balance WW411v2. "I'm usually stuck ordering shoes that are either too small so my heel can fit, but then my toes are pinched, or I buy a shoe that fits my feet, yet my heels pop out when I walk," the buyer writes of the walking shoe. New Balance is the first company I've found that will offer narrow shoes!

Other shoppers rate these New Balance shoes as a "wonderful walking shoe at ..." and praise all of these qualities: "not bulky, comfortable, supportive, absorbs impact during walking, good base, neutral arch."

These shoes are also available in regular and narrow widths -- select the narrow option before checking out!

See at Amazon: See more at

Best walking shoes for wide feet for narrow feet

Skechers are a band that specializes in Skeks.

Narrow-footed people aren't the only ones who have difficulty finding a comfortable walking shoe that fits properly. I personally have a wide foot and can attest to the fact that few things are worse than walking around in shoes that squeeze all of your toes together and pinch your heels (I demand restocking of the torsion box for larger toels!). Even though they're the cutest dang shoes you've ever seen, it's not worth it.

The Skechers Skech-Air Element 2.0 walking shoes are functional and stylish -- or, as fashionable as you can get when function is your top priority. Buyers on Amazon say the "memory foam is like walking on a cloud" and "because of the convenience I'd wear everyday if I could."

One buyer states that, although the Skech-Air Element 2.0 shoes weren't ideal for her plantar fasciitis, she still likes to wear the fashionable walking shoe, but not all day at work.

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