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During its Haunted Hallows Event, Rocket League Turns Into The Joker

During its Haunted Hallows Event, Rocket League Turns Into The Joker

Were in October, and weve had some of the best events of this year. Halloween is always a great time, with pumpkin, cooler weather, and spooky stuff all over. Video games are no different, with many long-running titles offering limited-time Halloween festivities to commemorate the coming holiday. Rocket League is always a fun one because it usually results in some cool cars with designs that aren't available at any other time of the year.

This year, Rocket League will join forces with Batman to create a fantastic series of cars all based on the series. Multiple versions of the Batmobile are of course available, but players will also be able to drive cars inspired by the Joker, Harley Quinn, and many other Batman villains. Accessories such as wheels may be customized to be Batman themed as well.

With Rocket League being such a long-running game, its nice that the developers are always looking for new ways to keep fans interested in whatll be released. At the end of the day, its a game about cars with boosters playing soccer. That simple idea has piqued fans interest for years, but giving new unlockables is always a great way to bring people back who havent played in ages.

Use that time to unlock as much as possible and tackle all the special challenges that accompany it such as:

New Event Challenges Are Here! Players will complete Haunted Hallows Event Challenges to unlock Batman Super-Villain themed items such as the Joker Dominus Decal and Boost, Gothams Finest Merc Demal, Harley Quinn Wheels and Topper, Poison Ivy Float, and more.

Gotham City Rumble LTM LTA Gotam City LTR Gotaham Rumbling LMT Goth City City Rumble mode is now themed after Batman and his enemies, and power-ups are now named after the character. Players may use Jokers Boxing Glove, Harley s Hammer instead of the Boot, Poison Ivy's vines instead than the Grappling Hook, and more.

Beckwith Park (Gotham Night) Arena Variant Beckwhith Park The Super-Villains of Gotham City have transformed this limited-time Arena.

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