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Netflix Top Brass Is Still Trying To Protect Dave Chappelle's New Special As Its Employees Revolt

Netflix Top Brass Is Still Trying To Protect Dave Chappelle's New Special As Its Employees Revolt

Netflix hasnt had a great week. On the one hand, Dave Chappelles latest stand-up special The Closer is the talk of the town. On the one hand, a lot of the negativity is at work, and its even coming from their employees. The beloved comic once again took off on the LGTBQ+ community, particularly trans people, on behalf of the firm, and the aftermath has led to what may turn into an all-out palace revolt. And it appears that one of top brass attempts to put out the fire only increased it to rage more.

Netflix suspended and reinstated a trans employee whose criticism of her employers had gone viral in the last few days. (They claimed it was over a different issue.) Then trans workers announced they would organize a walk-out protest next week. Ted Sarandos, one of the companys co-CEOs and the subject of increasing pressure, issued a company-wide statement, which was published by Variety. In it, the exec attempts to defend Chappelle in a different light than simply saying he didnt actually cross sever ties.

Sarandos wrote to his staff, We know that a number of you have been left angry, disappointed, and hurt by our decision to put Dave Chappelles latest special on Netflix. He noted that the concern is not about offensive-to-some content but about titles which may increase real world harm (such as further marginalizing already marginalized groups, hatred, violence, etc.)

Sarandos doesn't think that's what' s a problem. He wrote, While some of our employees may disagree, we have a firm belief that information on screen does not directly cause harm in the real world, he added.

Sarandos then tried to argue that entertainment never affects the real world, arguing that the latter.

Its a strange argument, despite the fact that art has borne resemblance to real-world experiences. (Perhaps Sarandos should read up on The Birth of a Nation or Triumph of the Will, both of which may still be available via Netflixs by-mail disc service.) Sure enough, some found his defense insufficiently persuasive, particularly when one of their highly regarded documentaries takes the exact opposite view.

Meanwhile, @Most, the streamer's LGBTQ+ Twitter account, appeared to be in the news.

Sorry we havent been posting, this week f*cking sucks, they wrote. To be clear, as queer and trans individuals who run this account, you may imagine that the last couple of weeks have been difficult. We dont always have full control over what appears on screen. What we can control is what we create here and the POV we introduce to internal dialogues.

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