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Witnesses testify that bets on video game led to the death of a Saginaw man who died, leading to witnesses pointing to gunshot wounds

Witnesses testify that bets on video game led to the death of a Saginaw man who died, leading to witnesses pointing to gunshot wounds

Two men began betting money on the outcome of the video game they were playing, according to witnesses in Saginaw on Memorial Day. One man was fatally shot in the head as a result of arguing over the money.

Demarcus D was examined for the first time and details were given by witnesses. The trial of Marcus Buell, 31, took place the morning of Friday, Dec. 4, in Saginaw County District Court. Stefan M. Rowe, 26, of Buell, is accused of murdering him with an open weapon and felony firearm.

Joslyn Jackson, of Saginaw County, was called to the stand on Friday by Sag County Assistant Prosecutor Melissa J. Hoover. Jackson said she knew Buell and Rowe, whom she called Stuck.

Jackson said she visited her aunts residence at 2322 Mershon St. on Saginaw s West Side on May 24 for a Memorial Day family gathering. Buell arrived later, according to Rowe, who was also present.

Rowe and Buell were playing a basketball video game when they began arguing in the living room, according to Jackson.

Jackson said, Stuck said he was mad because Marcus owed him $50, referring to Marcus. Stuck was standing, while Marcus was sitting. I was just trying to get them to stop arguing, you know?

Jackson said Rowe was steadfast in recommending Buell send him $50 via an app. Buell ceased arguing, but Rowe stayed, according to Jackson.

Jackson said she left the living room for the bathroom when she returned. Jackson made her way back to the living room, where gunfire erupted.

She said that when she came out of the bathroom, she saw the shooting. Marcus shoots, he adds.

Rowe did not appear to have a gun at any time, she said.

I heard one shot and then started screaming, she continued. Then I heard another one, and then I ran upstairs and collapsed on the upstairs floor. I fainted when I ran upstairs.

Jackson then shared her account with police and created a floorplan of the house. Hoover showed the map to Jackson and went over its details, comparing the illustration with crime scene photographs.

Jackson said she had consumed two to three vodka-and-juice drinks by the time of the shooting. She stated that the alcohol did not influence her perception of what transpired.

Jackson, who was questioned by defense attorney Mark A. Linton, said Rowe had demanded payment from Buell five or six times. Rowe remained positive about the money issue, according to Jackson. Buell attempted to calm Rowell, but Rowhe refused, he added.

Before the shooting, Jackson said she didn't know if Rowe and Buell had a physical altercation.

Rowe threatened Buell, according to Hoover, and Jackson asked Jackson if she heard or saw Rowell threaten Buelle.

No, really, said the witness.

Detective Antonio Taylor of Michigan State Police, who is a detective at the Michigan Police Department, testified that he and another detective interviewed Buell at Saginaw Police Station within hours of the shooting. Taylor stated that Buell had been given his Miranda rights and waived them to speak with police.

Buell told detectives he had been invited to a barbecue at the Mershon Street house as if. Taylor said Buell said he had a handgun with him that i open-carried, and Taylor added that Bueller had it with her.

Buell told detectives he had played video games with Rowe and that they had bet money on the outcomes, according to Taylor. Rowe grew angry over money Buell owed him, Taylor said.

(Buell) told us that at one point Mr. Rowe got up and was walking towards the back deck and made statements as far as He doesnt know who hes messing with or something like that, and then Mr Rower turned around and Mr Buell shot him, Taylor said.

Stefan Rowe was shot, so Mr. Buell told you? Hoover asked.

Taylor replied, Yes.

Taylor said that Buell told the detectives he fired the entire magazine that was in his gun. Buell said Rowe had pointed a gun at him before he fired himself, but then said sailor Rowa had his hand on thigh-tightened weapon, the detective testified.

Taylor said Buell appeared to be calm during a detective's interview of him.

The cases lead investigator, MSP Detective Nate Farr, testified he attended the autopsy on Rowe ashes, which revealed a 15-shot wound. The wounds were entrance and exit wound, Farr said.

Two handguns a 9mm that belonged to Rowe and.45-caliber owned by Buell, according to Farr. All the shell casings they found were from a.45, according to Farr.

Rowes body was found by police with a 9mm pistol, according to Farr.

Rowes blood alcohol level was 0.157 when the autopsy was conducted, Farr told Linton. In Michigan, a person is legally intoxicated when his or her blood alcohol level exceeds 0.08.

Hoover asked Saginaw County District Judge Terry L. Clark to transfer Buells case to Circuit Court for trial. Linton resisted, saying that Rowe was the aggressor, as evidence suggested.

Clark upheld Hoovers decision and sent Buell to the higher court for further proceedings.

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