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Nathan Eovaldi, the Red Sox's Nathanel Evalde admits he doesn't like the Astros very much

Nathan Eovaldi, the Red Sox's Nathanel Evalde admits he doesn't like the Astros very much

Alex Bregman, a third baseman for the Houston Astros, was seen trolling him on social media before he played in the playoffs in 2018. Red Sox ace Nate Eovaldi hasnt forgotten Houstons third-baseman Alex Bruggman.

When asked about that incident on WEEIs The Greg Hill Show on Wednesday, Eovaldi said he doesnt like the Astros who the Red Sox will face off against in the ALCS beginning Friday.

They have a tendency of rubbing guys the wrong way, he added. I dont necessarily hate any team, but theyre not high on my list, he added.

The Astros arent high on many lists in the wake of the 2017 sign-stealing scandal that cost Red Sox manager Alex Cora his job in early 2020 (he was rehired in October of last year). Fans were allowed back into MLB parks and booed the Astros on the road when they were re-released.

...but why Eovaldis disdain?

Bregman took a swipe at Eovaldi on Instagram in 2018 ten years after the Astros won the World Series when he shared remark on instagram of Evaldivi giving up three home runs in elapsed time against Houston earlier that season while EOvalvdI was pitching for the Tampa Bay Rays.

Chris Curtis, co-host of The Greg Hill Show, asked Eovaldi if he has a particular dislike for the Astros three years after Bregmans departure.

The Sox pitcher (who may start Game 1) took the high road, but he pointed to the scoreboard while doing it the Red SoX won the 2018 ALCS on the way to a World Series trophy.

It happened. I gave up three homers back-to-back- to back, he said. But we were able to win that series and were hoping to do it again this time, he added.

Eovaldi also struck out Bregman in the series, striking him with a 102-mph fastball that prompted then-Sox teammate David Price to tweet the Astros star back by saying, Post that!

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