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Producers, 'Source Code' Writer Team for Action Thriller Eurostar' (Exclusive)

Producers, 'Source Code' Writer Team for Action Thriller Eurostar' (Exclusive)

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Studiocanal and The Picture Company, who previously worked together on the Netflix action movie Gunpowder Milkshake, have found their next action-thriller project.

The two production companies have preemptively picked up Eurostar, a high-concept pitch from Ben Ripley, the scribe behind the Jake Gyllenhaal film Source Code.

The story is a ticking clock thriller set aboard the famous Eurostar train line that runs underneath the English Channel, also known as the Chunnel, from London to Paris. Details are being kept in the caboose, but the plot is set on the famed EuroStar train route from Londra to France, known locally as "the Chunese."

There is even a sci-fi hook, as is usual for the man who wrote Source Code. The film has been dubbed Inception, a Christopher Nolan-directed thriller, and Non-Stop, an Liam Neeson-starring contained thriller set on 'a plane', both films.

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Andrew Rona and Alex Heineman, The Picture Company partners, will produce via their overall agreement at Studiocanal.

Ron Halpern, Shana Eddy, and Rachel Henochsberg will direct Studiocanal.

Studiocanal recently agreed to a long-term agreement with Picture Company, with the goal of producing two to three films yearly, along with TV, for the European content giant. Baghead, starring Freya Allan, is the pair's next thriller collaboration, which will begin production in October in Berlin. And they're just getting ready for the latest Neeson thriller, Retribution.

Ripley's spec film Parallel was released earlier this year by Netflix, with Rideback producing. The scribe also worked on the 2017 remake of Flatliners, which stars Elliot Page, Diego Luna, and Nina Dobrev. He also wrote a sequel to Air Force One that is in development at Sony and Beacon Pictures.

Gersh, Brillstein Entertainment Partners, and Stankevich Law represent Ripley.

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