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Meazure Learning has rebranded itself as the online testing platform ProctorU

Meazure Learning has rebranded itself as the online testing platform ProctorU

After a merger with AEXProctoring in the Birmingham area, an online test scoring platform is rebranding.

Meazure Learning was founded when ProctorU, the worlds largest online exam security and identity management firm, and Yardstick Assessment Strategies, a leader in psychometrics and computer-based exam administration, joined forces in January 2020.

According to an announcement, the two businesses will rebrand under the Meazure Learning corporate logo, but retain their respective logos.

The firm employs approximately 350 people and manages a network of over 1,300 qualified proctors and support staff. It serves more than 1,000 clients, including major universities, certification and licensure associations, standardized testing services, and corporations.

In response to the COVID-19 epidemic, changes in online testing have only increased. Jarrod Morgan, Meazure Learning's cofounder and chief strategy officer, said the brand change is in response to the "significant change" in the testing and assessment industry.

Learners have increasingly chosen to become educated and certified online, and we dont see that trend changing in the future, Morgan said.

Slowly Meazure Learning will migrate all of its marketing material to the site. ProctorUs platform, user interface, staff, and service lines will remain unchanged. Yardsticks Measure Exam Software will remain unchanged, but it will be known as Meazure Exam Platform, which will allow it to be more in line with the parent company.

The psychometric and data experts previously employed by Yardstick will continue to provide a full range of trusted services.

ProctorU has developed an online exam security platform supported by artificial intelligence, which allows for testing from virtually any location, to the dismay of test cheaters.

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