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Tokyo Will Purchase Aegis Ashore Components From The United States For Use In Other Missile Defense Systems

Tokyo Will Purchase Aegis Ashore Components From The United States For Use In Other Missile Defense Systems

The government of Japan intends to buy a powerful radar and installations for launching missiles from aegis Ashore MISSILE defense systems in the United States, despite the fact that Tokyo has abandoned the previous plan to deploy such installations in the country. These components can be used in other missile defense systems that will be deployed in Japan, the Yomiuri newspaper reported on Friday, citing sources in the ruling liberal democratic party.

Tokyo, according to these data, does not intend to abandon the General course of strengthening the missile DEFENSE system and will consult with the United States on this issue. American representatives, the newspaper notes, also point to the presence of other options for strengthening Japanese missile defense in addition to the previous agreements on Aegis Ashore. The Japanese defense Ministry has already signed contracts with American corporations for the purchase of components of these complexes for 178.7 billion yen (about $1.7 billion).

On June 15, defense Minister Taro Kono announced the end of the program to deploy two American-made Aegis Ashore installations in Japan. He referred to the fact that when launching missiles from these complexes, it is impossible to guarantee the fall of their upper stages strictly within the military base or in the sea, which jeopardizes the safety of the population. Fixing this shortcoming, according to him, will require additional significant expenses and a lot of time. Experts, in turn, point out that the Aegis Ashore systems in the ordered configuration can not intercept ballistic missiles of the latest modifications, as well as cruise missiles.

On June 18, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said that he intends to start discussing a new national defense strategy in the summer in connection with the decision to stop the implementation of the US purchase program and the placement of Aegis Ashore in Japan.

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