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Every rumored difference between Apple's wireless earbuds and AirPods Pro: Airpods 3 vs. AirPads: Every debate over Apple ''wireless earbud'"

Every rumored difference between Apple's wireless earbuds and AirPods Pro: Airpods 3 vs. AirPads: Every debate over Apple ''wireless earbud'

Apple's September event came and went, and Apple AirPods 3 are still nowhere to be seen. However, there's a chance we'll get new AirPods later this year, perhaps at the tech giant'' upcoming October event next week. (This is how you can watch Apple's "Unleashed" event live on Oct. 18) Mark Gurman of Bloomberg, who has a solid track record when it comes to reporting on unreleased Apple products, says he expects new AirPods and MacBook Pros to be released by the end of 2021.

If the rumor mill is true, the new AirPods will look a lot like the high-end Airpods Pro. Apple's next true wireless earbuds are likely to be called the AirPods 3, with shorter stems, interchangeable ear tips, a new Apple chip, and fewer charging ports.

That may make it even more difficult to choose between the standard AirPods and Airpods Pro. The AirPods 3 will be released on October 1st, but until then, Apple won't let you know what to expect. We also don't know if they'll be priced the same as the current entry-level AirPods. According to the reports, leaks, and speculations so far, here's a look at how they might compare to AirPods Pro.

AirPods 3 may look like the Airpods Pro, but with a few minor differences.

Among the most noticeable changes to the AirPods 3 is a redesign that more closely resembles the airPod pro's design. Last year, Bloomberg and Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst at MacRumors, reported that Apple's entry-level AirPods will have a new look with shorter stems and replaceable ear tips. Since then, we've also seen a couple of leaks indicating the same.

In February, 52 Audio, a Chinese audio blog, posted narrated pictures of the AirPods 3. In March, the Twitter handle Leaks Apple Pro also shared a photo that many have speculated may be the AirPods 3.

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In both pictures, you'll see that the earbuds have considerably shorter stems than the AirPods Pro. Although they look a lot like the Pros, the photos suggest there will be some visual differences between the two models.

The stems on the AirPods 3 are still slightly longer than those on Pros, and the earbuds themselves don't look as wide as the Pro's. None of the pictures show the ear tips that the AirPods 3 are expected to include, either. The case for the AirPods 3 shown in the photos also looks like a slightly taller version of the airPod's Pro charging case.

According to Bloomberg, the AirPods 3 will also come with interchangeable ear tips for a more personal fit. If that's the case, Apple will likely include three ear tip sizes in the box and an ear tip fit test during the setup process, just like the AirPods Pro.

Kuo provided yet another hint that the AirPods 3 will have an Airpods Pro-like design. In a research note published by Apple Insider, he stated that the AirPods 3 will use the same system-in-package design as the airPod Pro, which Apple claims contributes to the earbuds' size and performance. That could mean Apple is attempting to integrate the AirPods 3's components into a more modern design than the Pro. However, we haven't found out if the AirPods 3 will have water resistance comparable to the Pros.

Overall, the AirPods 3 appears to be a cross between the second-generation standard Airpods and the Pro Air pods in terms of design.

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Active noise cancellation will likely remain a feature of the AirPods Pro, even if it isn't included in the device.

Yes, the AirPods 3 will look a lot more like the Pro Airpods. But will they sound more like them? According to Bloomberg, the AirPods 3 won't have active noise cancellation.

However, the 52 Audio report does suggest that a new premium audio feature might be added to the AirPods 3: spatial audio. This feature creates a surround sound effect that tracks the movement of your head when watching supported movies and TV shows, but it's only available on the AirPods Pro and Airpods Max.

Ansonsten, we haven't heard much about whether or not the AirPods 3 will get any significant audio improvements that would bring them closer to the airPod pro. But if their new design results in a better fit, it's reasonable to assume that the AirPods 3 will sound better as well.

The AirPods 3 may have a newer chip and fewer battery life than the Airpods Pro.

According to Bloomberg, Apple is expected to introduce a new version of its wireless chip in the AirPods 3. According to Bloomberg, Apple's next-generation AirPods Pro will also contain this chip, but those headphones aren't expected to be released until 2022, as previously reported.

There are no specifics on the types of upgrades this chip may bring. However, if the jump between Apple's W1 and H1 chip is any indication, we may see faster connection speeds. The H1 chip also added hands-free Siri to Apple's second-generation AirPods, so there'' is a good chance we'll find other new features in the Airpods 3.

The AirPods 3 may also have improved battery life, possibly putting them ahead of the Airpods Pro. According to Bloomberg's 2020 report, Apple is "looking to increase" battery life with the AirPods 3, although it didn't disclose any additional details. However, it's possible that the AirPods 3'' new chip may deliver greater efficiency overall, leading to longer battery life.

The AirPods and Airpods Pro have similar battery life. Both are estimated to provide up to five hours of listening time according to Apple, but using active noise cancellation and transparency mode will most likely reduce the Pro's battery life to 4.5 hours.

Price: The AirPods 3 will likely still be cheaper than the Airpods Pro.

Since the AirPods 3 are intended to replace Apple's standard Airpods, it'' is almost certain that they'll be cheaper than the airPod Pro. Apple sells its second-generation AirPods for $159, although you can buy them for just under $120 on Amazon. Similar to the AirPods Pro, which costs $249 via Apple and retails for $190 on Amazon.

The bigger question is whether or not the AirPods 3 will cost more than the second-generation Airpods. We won't know until Apple makes the announcement, but it's possible if the AirPods 3 have an updated design and faster chip.

Overall, the AirPods 3 look like they'll bring Apple's earbuds up to speed in two areas that matter most: comfort and performance. You'll likely still need to pay extra for the AirPods Pro to get better audio quality and active noise cancellation.

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