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As the third installment of Succession's release date approaches, 'there'll be blood in the water'

As the third installment of Succession's release date approaches, 'there'll be blood in the water'

As Succession season 3 approaches a helipad in less than eons, expect more delectable family feuding as the finale approaches. On HBO's razor-sharp drama, which airs on Sunday, Oct. 17, pits members of the Roy dynasty against each other in their never-ending acid-tongued battle, but will Alexander Skarsgard and Adrien Brody help or hinder the family that hates? Roman and Gerri will they get serious? Kendall will he treat us to yet another cringe-worthy rap? Check out the latest trailer to see Logan go "full f***ing beast" while we wait to find out!

Kendall Roy will face off against Logan Roy, the family's seemingly indestructible media mogul, in Season 3 of Succession. After delays and restrictions due to the epidemic, filming for the new series took place in New York and Italy in 2020, so season 3 could be released on HBO and streaming service HBO Max in October. Let the backstabbing begin!

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Succession season 3 is currently available for release.

On Sunday, Oct. 17, Succession will return. Each Sunday, it will air on HBO, and you can expect to find new episodes on the streaming service HBO Max.

Succession season 3 will debut at this year's London Film Festival, which begins Oct. 6, so British fans can get a glimpse of the dynastic discordance.

In October, HBO's most anticipated release, Insecure, and Curb Your Enthusiasm, both begin new episodes in the same month.

Succession season 3 trailers

With just a month to go, HBO released the trailer that provided the first look at Skarsgard and Brody, as well as dozens of signature barbs. Logan grins, "This life isn't for everyone." "It's a number on tracing paper. "It's a fight for slash in the mud!"

In July, HBO released a first teaser trailer, which gave snark on where the Roy family will go next. Kendall's next-level betrayal of his father is intensified in the new season, as the two confront a fierce rivalry. "He's our dad, but he was going to send me to jail," said the father. Tom, "That sounds, like, kind of dramatic." "Are you a member of this family or not?" Nelly, "Woah, Nellie!"

Succession season 3 plot for season 3.

Kendall revealed to the world at the end of season 2 that Logan had known of the numerous wrongdoings at Waystar RoyCo. Logan lashes at his son as the battle between them intensifies in the season 3 trailer. Shiv is caught between, while Tom and Cousin Greg are involved in some sparring of their own. As the siblings recruit each other and turn on eachother in more twisted power games, lines are drawn.

The stars of the show gave a few hints during this year's Television Critics Association press tour, with Brian Cox comparing the series to Eugene O'Neill'' acclaimed play Long Day'S Journey into Night, while Jeremy Strong quoted Carl Jung.

Succession season 3 cast has arrived!

Brian Cox, as Logan Roy, once again takes control of the series as patriarch Brian Roy. Jeremy Strong will reprise his role as Kendall, followed by Sarah Snook as Shiv, Kieran Culkin as the mischievous Roman, and Alan Ruck as Connor, a clueless scheming child. Nicholas Braun, most recently seen in Zola, plays Greg's comical cousin, and Matthew Macfadyen plays Shiv'' shady husband Tom. Hiam Abbass plays Marcia, Logan's ever-watchful wife.

As a tech CEO, Alexander Skarsgard of True Blood and Big Little Lies will join them, which sounds like he'll be battling with the Waystar's old-school media monolith. Adrien Brody from The Pianist and Peaky Blinders has also entered the boardroom as a billionaire investor.

There are no previous recurring stars such as Holly Hunter and Danny Huston, but there are several new faces. Sanaa Lathan from Love & Basketball, Family Guy, and Nappily Ever After as a well-connected lawyer are among them.

Linda Emond plays a White House aide, while Jihae plays an advertising consultant. Hope Davis will play Sandi Furness, the daughter of Logan Roy's long-time rival Sandy Fursten, while Ella Rumpf from the 2016 horror film Raw and Dasha Nekrasova, a writer, director, and podcaster, will also play.

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