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In today's livestream, Acer unveiled Chromebooks, eco-friendly laptops, gaming console, and more

In today's livestream, Acer unveiled Chromebooks, eco-friendly laptops, gaming console, and more

Acer's Next@Acer fall product launch event, titled "Made for humanity," highlighted "how Azer is improving the way we work, learn, and play for mankind and the environment." Those include an expansion of the company's eco-friendly Vero line, which began with the Aspire Veror laptop, to more computers, as well as four Chromebooks, a new Predator Orion 7000 gaming tower with forthcoming 12th-gen Intel CPUs, Concept D creator laptop refreshes and more.

  • Acer has expanded its Vero eco-friendly PC line with new laptop, mini desktop, and monitor models.
  • Acer has added a quartet of Chromebooks to its long list of chrome OS options.

Acer has unveiled a new high-performance Predator Orion 7000 desktop, promising to include Intel's upcoming 12th-generation Alder Lake Core K series (overclockable) CPUs, PCIe 5 support, and newly minted DDR5-4000 RAM. It will be shipped with liquid cooling on the CPU. And in theory, you'll be able to spend your megabucks on it for the holidays.

In its May 2021 livestream, the business announced its participation in the RE100 renewable-energy initiative and its own new Earthion platform for managing environmental impact throughout its supply chain. It now offers a new TravelMate Vero laptop, Veriton Veri Mini PC, and matched Vergo BR277 27-inch monitor, all made in part from post-consumer-recycled plastics, to more business-oriented individuals.

You'll also be able to trade in any brand-name laptop via Acer's new Vero Trade-in Program for $100 towards the purchase of a new Aspire Verone in the Azer Store.

Acer also extended its Antimicrobial 360-designed product line with the more business-managed TravelMate and Enduro Urban, a 24-inch monitor and two Bluetooth mice, as well as its 24-inches monitor. One of the more unusual (for Acer, at least) new offerings is the eco-shell protective jacket, which includes a detachable transparent PET hoodie cover intended to protect the wearer's face from aerosol droplets, and that at first glance seems like he'd be doing something cool.

New Chromebooks are among Acer's many offerings, including 14- and 15.6-inch clamshells -- the Aspire Chromebook 515 and 514 -- as well as two 14 inch two-in-ones, the ChromeBook Spin 513 and Spin 314.

Acer announced the SpatialLabs Developer Program in May for Unreal Engine developers interested in working on projects using Azer's new SpacialLab' stereoscopic 3D technology for live interaction. Participants in the Program were given a Concept D SpatialLabs prototype notebook. Now that prototype has been turned into a real product, the Concept D 7 SpatialLabs Edition. There's also a 16-inch Concept D 3 model with 16:10 screen aspect ratio and likewise sassy tan 15-in. convertible.

Several projectors, including two 4K Predators aimed for console gamers who want a screen up to 74 inches with 120Hz VRR or 240Hz with. Then there's a couple of monitors, including 'a Predator 27-inch QHD version with 0Hz refresh rate' and -mostly --- an everyday 27" CB273U.

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